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©Konami 1987
Release: 1987-10-21 (¥2980)
DiskCard KDS-FAL
Shooter / 3D

Falsion is an intense 3D shooter by Konami. In 21XX, humanity has colonized space. But during its quest to find more habitable planets, humans have faced an aggressive alien race who wants nothing but destruction. Their fleet has now entered our solar system and hurls towards Earth. Only the new Falsion spacecraft and its courageous pilot stand a chance to save humanity from destruction. It will be a long journey through six varied stages, from asteroid fields to narrow and deep canyons. The craft can use a simple Vulcan laser gun or secondary, and in limited supplies, homing missiles. Power-ups, in the shape of floating orbs stamped with the letter P, sometimes appear from defeated enemies. Blue ones speed-up the ship and red ones increase the depleting stock of homing missiles. The greatest feature of this unusual title is certainly the 3D option, which can be activated from the option menu or by pressing select at anytime during the game (Nintendo's official 3D glasses must be used though).
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3d glasses The 3D glasses peripheral (HVC-021) was released by Nintendo in 1987 but curiously the company didn't release any game for it at first. These glasses use a LCD shutter system - two images are alternately displayed on screen and the glasses alternately hide one of the player's eye. This is why it looks like the screen is flickering if you are not wearing the special glasses. Other techniques exist, like the two color anaglyph with red-cyan filters used in games such as Tobidase Daisakusen, but LCD shutter glasses have the advantage to display colored images in 3D. Curiously, Nintendo's 3D glasses were never released outside Japan.

Falsion Konami Cards
Japanese Konami Card Japanese Konami Card Japanese Konami Card Japanese Konami Card
Japanese Konami Card Japanese Konami Card

Konami Cards Like several other early Konami games released in the 1980s/1990s, Falsion included a numbered collector card also known in Japan as コナミ キャラカード (aka 'Konami Chara Card'). Each card featured an illustration or a snapshot from the game (picture on the right), and the back of each card showed a serial number as well as the game's title. They were randomly included with the games and Konami produced several variations of each card. That's it, each game included a card from a series related to the game, it is however not known how many different card variations were made for each game. Apparently, six cards (on average) were produced for each game, except for Doremikko (1 card), Exciting Boxing (1 card) and Meikyujin Dababa (which, curiously, only seem to feature five cards). The list of Konami games to include such cards are believed to be : Ai Senshi Nicol (FDS), Dracula II Noroi no Fuin (FDS), Arumana no Kiseki (FDS), Contra (FC), Doremikko (FDS), Dragon Scroll (FC), Exciting Baseball (FDS), Exciting Basketball (FDS), Exciting Billard (FDS), Exciting Boxing (FDS), Exciting Soccer (FDS), Falsion (FDS), Getsu Fūma Den (FC), Majō Densetsu II Daimashikyō Galious(FC), Meikyujin Dababa (FDS), Metal Gear (FC), Salamander (FC), Tetsuwan Atom (FC), Top Gun (FC) and Wai Wai World (FC).


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Falsion is an excellent game! Animation is surprisingly smooth and the gameplay is also strong and responsive. Stage are also incredibly varied. I was expecting at first a game with constant star field backgrounds (and this game doesn't display the best ones I have seen)... how wrong I was ! The second stage gets you to fly over a green planet and the third one in a narrow canyon. Enemy attack patterns are also varied and will surprise players in many occasions. Bosses are definitively the icing on the cake. Thanks to Sega's Space Harrier, 3D shooters always felt like they had to design every boss like giant segmented snakes. But Falsion is different and you will be confronted to aggressive spaceships and other flying fortresses. Finally, the 3D option is awesome (if you own the official 3D goggles) and I wonder why this sort of feature has disappeared from current-gen consoles. Falsion is truly a breakthrough in every aspect (for the time) and, surprisingly, can still stand out today.

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