( Super C / Probotector II)
Game Cover
スーパー 魂斗羅
©Konami 1990
Release: 1990-02-02 (¥5800)
Cartridge KDS-UE

American Version
Released in America as

American Version
Released in Europe as
Super Contra is an action game by Konami and sequel of the critically acclaimed Contra originally released for the Famicom system in 1988. The identity of the Red Falcon Army was revealed after the first opus - a restless army from outer-space looking for world domination! But the original alien invasion was just a warm-up and, in the year 2634 AD, the Red Falcom Army is back and once again ready to take over the world! Bill and Lance, armed with even more deadly weapons, embark on a long journey to stop them and blow up everything in sight once again! Their default gun can of course be upgraded along the way from a machine Gun (M), spread gun (S), Fireball-gun (F) to a laser-gun (L). Additional power-ups can also be collected, such as the Rapid Fire (R) which increases the firing-speed of the active weapon, or the Shield-Barrier (B) which protects the player against enemy attacks. Unlike the first game, Konami decided to discard the pseudo-3D segments from the first game and replaced them with more traditional overhead stages. Super Contra consists of five stages and features a two-simultaneous player mode.
Contra (FC) Contra Spirits (SFC)
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Super Contra - arcade Super Contra was originally released in the arcades in 1988 (picture on the right). It was ported to the Famicom (1990), Amiga (1990) and PC (1990). An enhanced version of the game was also released for the XBox 360 Live Arcade in 2007... however it simply featured improved explosions and arguably blurry effects...

This Famicom conversion of Super Contra has many differences from the original arcade game. First of all, the game is much longer and includes three exclusive levels! Stages are also very different and some elements were omitted whereas others were redesigned or extended. Some enemies also behave completely differently, as well as some bosses. The stage order was also shuffled around with a new final boss and a somewhat different ending. In a nutshell, this port of Super Contra borrows a lot from the original Famicom Contra - in this conversion, power-ups appear as Falcon-capsules (unlike the gun icons from the arcade game). The Hyper-Shell power-up from the overhead stages was replaced by a Shield-barrier that can also be used in the side-scrolling sections. Weapons can't be upgraded, although they can in the arcade game...

Super Contra - Probotector II - Europe Super Contra was curiously renamed Super-C in the United States. However, the game was released as Probotector II in Europe (picture on the left) and was heavily edited - it was apparently due to German laws preventing people from shooting other people in games. Interestingly, Bill and Lance were replaced by humanoid-cyborgs there (which was also the case for other Contra games released in Europe at the time) and renamed RD008 and RC011 (well, they were renamed Mad Dog and Scorpion in the American release). Interestingly, every single one of the human enemies were replaced by robots, and various elements were edited for some obscure reasons (such as the helicopter in the introduction sequence as well as the first boss).

Teaser text copied from the American version:
Shoot first and forget about the questions! After loosing a confrontation against Super Commandos Mad Dog and Scorpion, the juices of destruction drip from the spiked tongue of the vile alien war monger - Red Falcon. Now he's coming back stronger than ever, with a sinister plan that includes having his intergalactic warriors seep into the brains of U.S Army. To support his disguised forces of doom, he's recruited Jagger Fold, a demented alien from the Black Hole Galaxy. He's also shuttled in The Babalu Destructoid Mechanism with its beam of Death. With torrential terror about to rain down upon civilization, Earth's only hope rests with you, Scorpion, and your pal, the Dogster. And if your spread guns, lasers, flame throwers and mega shells fail to destroy Red Falcon's eight levels of terror, including radioactive lava fields, it's all over but for the shouting, the screaming and the cries from a disintegrating world.

Introduction text copied from the American manual:
Sipping cold lemonade with a couple of native lovelies. Mad Dog and Scorpion (Guerilla Warrior extraordinaire) relax on a Rio Beach and boast of how they destroyed the vile alien war monger, Red Falcon. Little do they know that Red Falcon didn't flee with his pointed tail between his legs. Instead, he tactically retreated to round-up ruffians of the universe, friends from all walks of war, to mount a second assault on planet Earth. One of these new recruits is Jagger Froid, a demented alien from the Black Hole Galaxy, who dishes out punishment with a laser sharp tongue. Red Falson has also shuttled in the Babalu Destructoid Mechanism, a giant alien tank, which was the primary weapon used to disintegrate the innocent solar system of Tralala. But the genius behind Red Falcon's Earth conquering concept is his plan to have thousands of intergalactic warriors seep into the brains of the U.S. Army. It's a mind contamination trick which has already taken command of U.S. forces at Fort Fire Storm. How do we know that our soldiers have been brain trashed? You can see it in their eyes. Now, if Mad Dog and Scorpion fail to recuperate from their months on the beach in time to destroy Red Falcon's G.I. fortified Hate Nest, his sinister scheme will permeate the world's mightiest power (nuclear missile silos included). And if that happens, we'll all be pushing up daisies.
Fire! Fire! Fire! And don't stop firing are the only instructions you need. Because in this Doomsday extravaganza, there's little time for thinking. A killer instinct is all that matters. And if your trigger finger lacks stamina, Earth will lack a future. To begin this all-out mega-war, press the Start Button. Next, press the Select Button to chose a 1 Commando or 2 Commando contest. If one Commando plays, you'll assume the savage role of Mad Dog with Controller #1. If a second Commando plays, he or she (yes, this is the nineties, and women make just as though commandos as guys) will take charge of Scorpion with Controller #2. Finally, press the Start Button again, and it's off to meet Red Falcon... or your maker!

Teaser text copied from the European version:
In the year 2634, the Earth has finally escaped the evil hand of black magic, one year after the war with the mysterious alien army. Just when they think it's safe. the nightmare begins again. The mutant alien life forms are back. Their mission: to seize control of the world. The only chance for the safety of Earth is to send in the Probotector, RD008 & RC011, the strongest fighting robots in history. They are the only hope to save the world in a fight that can only end in certain death. Whose death will it be?... the alien or the Probotector?!!!

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :


S. Umezaki
Graphic Design
S. Muraki

Sound Design
H. Maezawa
Special Thanks
K. Shimoide
Super C Team
Directed By
Umechan Team


Japanese Guidebook
Japanese Guidebook


Super Contra - manual
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Super Contra - cheat Sound Test (American, European & Japanese versions):
At the title screen, press A and B then press Start (picture on the right).

30 lives (Japanese version):
At the title screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, A and B

30 lives (European version):
At the title screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, A and B then Start.

10 lives (American version):
At the title screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, A and B then Start.

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It is really intriguing that Super Contra for the Famicom never got the same kind of praise than the original Contra ever had... Granted, I've always felt that the original Super Contra arcade game was a serious let-down... graphics are really washed out and the level design was arguably rushed and bare... but this Famicom port really addressed a lot of the issues I've ever had with the arcade game. It features a much better weapon system as well as new and exclusive levels and is top-notch overall. I also love the overhead levels which, I feel, blend in with the gameplay a lot more that the pseudo-3D stages featured in the original game. Why is this game not remembered or as beloved as the first game is beyond me... I feel that nostalgia plays an important role here... Super Contra is fantastic and a great addition to the Contra series, with a great attention to level design and it features an amazing soundtrack! If you're fan of the series then you shouldn't miss this amazing title! That being said, and in the Konami tradition at the time, Super Contra is tough as nails! So be ready for it! Finally, I've also included in this review the introductory text that can be found in the American manual because, well, it is fairly priceless ;)

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