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Release: 1990-11-30 (¥5800)
Cartdridge RC849

American Version
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Parodius Da! is an horizontal shooter by Konami and conversion of the arcade game of the same name originally released in 1990. This Japan and Europe exclusive port can be best described as a parody (hence the name, "PAROdy graDIUS") of Konami's classic shooter Gradius. Most of the very foundation and game mechanic that made the shooter so popular are reunited here with a humorous and imaginative twist. Interestingly, it isn't only their own franchises that Konami makes fun of, but other classics such as R-Type large mothership as well as myriad of creatures and legends borrowed from Japanese folklore. The player is given a choice to control one of four fighter ships - the trademark Vic Viper (from Gradius), a pink flying octopus, Twin Bee (from Twinbee) and a penguin called Pentarō (from Antarctic Adventure). The powerup system is largely borrowed from Gradius - a power meter at the bottom of the screen displays the current attainable upgrade which can then be activated at the press of a button (speed ups, missiles, options, shields and so forth). Power-capsules are left behind by red enemies and allow the player to select other upgrades from the power meter. Power bells, borrowed from Twinbee, are also here for the taking and activate various effects such as extra life, laser walls or invincibility which grows the ship to an enormous size for a short amount of time. This Famicom port of Parodius Da! features most stages from the original arcade game, an extra and exclusive carnival/toy fair level and several hidden bonus stages.
Parodius Da! (Pce-Hu)
Non-direct relation : Gradius (Fc) Yume Penguin Monogatari (Fc) Detana!! TwinBee (Pce-Hu)
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Parodius Da! - Secret level This Famicom port has several differences with the arcade game and some levels were omitted, such as the Volcano and the Pinball stages. However, it features an exclusive and extra 'amusement park' level with penguins hurling at high speed down roller coasters and a giant duck/penguin robot-boss (and another exclusive boss that I won't spoil here). Another notable change is the giant girl at the end of the "Vegas stage" - she has a lot less flesh on display and wears a totally different outfit (most certainly due to Nintendo's strict content-control guidelines). On the same point, the large Moai-head girl (the boss at the end of the Moai-mothership) doesn't blow out disturbing Moai totems/missiles anymore but politically correct lines of hearts. Finally, there are a couple of hidden levels in the Famicom version - the most memorable one gets players to enter the Moai mothership (through his mouth) and fight him from the inside ! (picture on the right)

See Yume Penguin Monogatari (Fc) for more information about Penguin, Penta and Pentarō.

Teaser text from the European version:
One day, our octopus friend gets into a fight to the death with his old rival, the bug. Our octopus wins and people start to call him Mr. Parodius. On his paid vacation he goes to the countryside to enjoy a little farming. Returning to our readymade octopus pot, he reads the "People of the Universe" newspaper and nearly falls off his chopping board in surprise. There now is a picture of the mysterious Great Octopus with the Earth in his arms. "F... father ?," he stutters. It was his father, who had disappeared just two years before never to return home. So Octopus sets out on a search for the truth and with his companions begins to travel the world.

Teaser text from the European version (translated from french):
Mr Parodius is here to free the World. Are you capable to help him ?
We are in 1992. The 20th century is nearly over and people, all around the world, have lost their hopes and dreams. The government people's only interest is to grow richer. Kids who used to love their mothers not prefer to play with their computers. Although the young generation already feels the impending doom of mankind, they put aside their anxieties and immersed themselves in game centers. But this problem is just too horrible to let it pass by. The culprit is the Great Octopus and his head, decorated with a headband, makes him look like a marmot.

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Parodius Da! works surprisingly well for a Famicom game and the graphics do manage to hold up pretty well considering it was released almost 20 years ago. I really wonder why it was never realized in the US (it was in Europe though), maybe Konami through it was 'too cute' for the American market... Most of the arcade game's elements are intact in this cartridge form and Konami even sprinkled more challenge and exclusive content here and there. The only drawback ? Parodius Da! sadly slows down to ridiculous levels throughout the whole game, especially when your ship is fully equipped or when the screen gets cramped with enemy bullets. This annoying flaw greatly impacts the gameplay and leads to many cheap deaths. All in all, Parodius Da! is a surprisingly good port of Konami's arcade classic, one worth any shooter enthusiast's time, but there are better conversions out there, such as the excellent PC Engine or Super Famicom versions.

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