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どりいむめいず夢迷宮 きぐるみ大冒険
1994 ©Hector
©Axes Art Amuse
Release: 1994-04-15 (¥9800)
Cartridge SHVC-QX
Role Playing/Action

Yume Meikyū Kigurumi Daibōken (also known as Dream Maze Kigurumi Adventures) is a wacky and cute dungeon crawler published by Hector. The game tells the story of a boy who dreams of the mysterious kingdom of Enderia every night. There, he constantly lives exciting adventures and this time he is on a quest to save this world from destruction. Our hero must explore perilous towers and rescue all the kidnapped princesses from the kingdom. He is, however, not alone and friends (Harumi and Zakkarī) will later help him out in his journey. Interestingly, the boy doesn't level up but wears special animal costumes called Kigurumi. Each new costume gives the player a certain number of characteristics and abilities such as better attacks or special magic spells. Some enemies (such as giant sparrows chicken or cows) must be defeated in order to acquire their costumes and abilities. Changing Rooms are scattered throughout the game and allow the boy to equip Kigurumis and Tailors can store them and customize their abilities if needed. Yume Meikyū Kigurumi Daibōken is a classical dungeon crawler but it however features a random and turned based battle system. Our heroes can punch, kick or use special attacks and a grid displayed over the combat screen allows the player to precisely hit his enemies and, in some cases, even find their weak spots. Once the combat is over, the player is awarded with candies than can be used to purchase new items or be eaten to recover some health.
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An English patch was published by KingMike's Translations on January 2005.


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Special rooms scattered throughout the towers can help the heroes in their journey:

wardrobes/changing rooms : equip a different Kigurumi
Tailors : used to store Kigurumis but also customize special ones
Healing Room : recover all health for 10 candies.
Magic Carper : used to reach other floor, equivalent to elevator.
Beanstalk : used to reach higher/lower floors.
Shops : Some shops sells the floor map for 10 candies.

Here're a couple of clues to help you out at the beginning of the game:

* The clay character on the 5th floor of cake Tower needs a wooden doll to let you pass. The doll is in a storage room on the 4th floor - a duck keeps the entrance the first time you get there.
* The boss room from the Cake Tower is on the 10th floor. Before entering the room, make sure you take the door on the right, the one on the left is a transporter that will send you somewhere on the floor.
* You'll be awarded a key once the boss is defeated. This key opens the locked door on the 5th floor and the exit door on the 1st floor.

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Yume Meikyū Kigurumi Daibōken is a freaking weird game, but in a good way. The first part that jumped out at me are the Kigurumis (costumes) - you kill cute looking animals and steal their skins to make costumes out of them... this is genius! The battle system is also ingenious and the grid-display provides a unique twist to the turn-based gameplay. But the game doesn't hit all its intended targets. No experience and leveling makes the random encounters feel tedious and often distracting. Then surprise chests are scattered on each floor but they're only visible when you step on the tile they're on - this is really frustrating and you often end up missing them... All in all, Yume Meikyū Kigurumi Daibōken is a bizarre and fun game if you can get over its super cuteness. I personnaly enjoyed it. It is really easy to play but non Japanese speaking players may really end up stuck in places. A fan-translated version is available though.

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