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©1992 NCS Corp.
Release: 1992-12-18 (¥8800)
Cartridge SHVC-AV
Action / Platform game

American Version
Released in America as

European Version
European Version
Released in Europe as
Assault Suits Valken is an side-scolling action game by Masaya and published by Nippon Computer System (NCS). In 2101, the Colonies and the Earth Federation are at war - stocks of fossil oil are dwindling and reports of violent clashes between the two sides have ignited a brutal conflict. The player takes control of Jake, a first class pilot from the Assault Suit squadron. He operates the ASS-117A Valken, a large humanoid-mecha suit of armor, and undertakes various military missions of strategic values. Each level begins with a short briefing before putting the player in a combat situation. The Valken starts out with two main weapons - a rapid-fire machine gun with bouncing bullets and a close-range but powerful punch. Two other weapons are later available in the game - the piercing laser beam and the ammo-limited missiles. Power ups can be collected throughout the levels, power chips (icons with a "P" stamped on them) upgrade the active weapon a maximum of three times, energy chips ("H") recovers health and the Weapon Chip ("W") adds new weapons. A metal shield can be raised up at any time by holding the right shoulder button. This technique protects the mech against enemy fire and is at the core of the gameplay. Another important feature is the way how the player can lock the active weapon firing direction by holding the left shoulder button. Finally, the mech has the ability to hover for a short amount of time and to quickly dash in one direction. Assault Suits Valken features seven long stages and some bosses do escape if not defeated within a time limit - this doesn't immediately end the game but may lead to a different ending.
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Assault Suits Valken The American/European version of the game shows major differences. It was published by Konami and was renamed Cybernator. But most importantly, the story was altered and some parts were simply removed. Portraits next to the in-game speech text have disappeared and replaced by the name of the characters (Picture on the left). Later in the game, a lot of the conversation have been simply omitted and the end sequence was cut short. Finally, a scene near the end of the game shows the president giving up and committing suicide - no need to say that the scene is nowhere to be seen in the American/European version. Aeon Genesis released an English patch in 2004 which gives players the golden opportunity to enjoy Assault Suits Valken in its original and intended form.

Assault Suits Valken Assault Suits Valken is the second episode of a long series of games by Masaya. It all started with Assault Suits Leynos (aka Target Earth) for the Megadrive in 1990. Assault Suits Valken (aka Cybernator) then followed for the Super Famicom in 1992 (version tested here). Then the series sort of split into two separate franchises - Assault Suit Leynos 2 (Sega Saturn, 1997) follows the same basic formula laid down in the first two games, whereas Assault Suits Valken 2 (Sony's Playstation, 1999) is more a round based strategy game. Interestingly, Assault Suits Valken was ported to Sony's Playstation 2 in 2004 - it is an enhanced port of the Super Famicom version with (arguably) better graphics and a harsher difficulty level.

Teaser text from the American version:
2065 AD, The nations of Earth have once again split into two major powers. The line dividing there new arch enemies reaches as fas as the lunar frontier, where axis forces have constructed a moon base capable of launching monolithic intergalactic battle cruisers. To thwart this threat, a covert strike team consisting of the marines' elite Cybernator force has been mobilized. The Cybernator is a giant mechanical warrior controller by a marine who sits in the command cockpit withing the unit's chrimium cranium. Nuclear Fission Thrusters allow the Cybernator to wreak total havoc while soaring from ground zero to the infinity of space. Your mission is to take command of the Cybernator and confront the most powerful enemy ever to explore onto the Super NES scene. You'll face awesome display of graphic destruction and realistic carnage so intense you'll feel compelled to run and hide. The sound effects alone will make your guts shake as if they were in front of a cranked-up heavy metal concert speaker. But you must fight on, toughing in ou through 7 war zones stretching from the moon, through the expanses of space, to the fringes of Earth's fragile atmosphere. Crush Axis Cybertroops. Find your way through a dark mountain maze with only your wits and a small light. And capture power-ups that you can allocate to the Cybernator's four different weapon systems. Until you accomplish your mission. Or have your nuts and bolts splattered from here to eternity.

Game Staff (Copied from the American version end credits) :


T. Tsuchida

H. Suzuki
T. Ohya
Y. Higuchi
Y. Kawano
S. Nakai
K. Tadakuma
T. Saitoh

Character Design
S. Urushihara

Music & SE
Opus Corp.
H. Satoh
H. Iwasaki
J. Hayashida

Executive Producer
M. Shibuya

Presented By Konami

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Japanese soundtrack
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Assault Suits Valken is an amazing experience and it is at the pinnacle of my list of incredible action games for the Super Famicom system. It did take me a little bit of time to get used to the controls but they quickly become second nature - the game gets quite difficult within a couple of levels though and you soon must rely on incredible maneuvering skills to stay alive. Assault Suits Valken oozes tense ambiance and unique atmosphere - mission briefings, radio communication between you and other members of your unit, bullet marks on the walls, an outstanding soundtrack and extremely well designed stages with no downbeats. The attention to detail is simply stunning and the ASS-Valken 117A's animation is gorgeous. If you're into giant robots and like challenging mech combats and action packed games, then Assault Suits Valken is an unmissable feast.

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