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©Tezuka Productions
©Zamuse 1994
Release: 1994-02-18 (¥9000)
Cartridge SHVC-ZB
Platform/Action game

Tetsuwan Atom is a side scrolling platform game by Zamuse and published by Banpesto, and is based on the 1960s popular science fiction animated series and manga originally created by Osamu Tezuka. In a near future, technology has advanced such that robots have freed humans from everyday tasks and chores, and they have become active member of the society. One day, the head of the Ministry of Science, professor Ochanomizu, discovers a robot child in a circus and decides to adopt him. The robot boy of mysterious origins, named Atom (aka Astro), soon displays extraordinary abilities, such as his great strength, hidden weapons, rocket boots and an extremely advanced electronic brain displaying human emotions. The professor decides to use these amazing powers for the good of humanity and to send the little robot resolve various types of problems and situations. In the game, Astro Boy must undertake a series of missions such as exploring a large pyramid, wandering through an eerie haunted house or flying at full speed through the narrow corridors of a space station. Of course, each level is infested with enemies and obstacles to impede Atom's progress, as well as an obligatory end of level's boss. The robot boy has a couple of ways to deal with his enemies though - he can use his fists in close-range combat or charge up his rocket boots to hover around, or release a powerful air dash attack. The game also features a couple of special items for the player to collect, such as Energy Containers, Temporary Invincibility or Small Radios that summon Uran, Atom's young sister, who releases various health items or an extra life when called. Additionally, Atom starts his long journey with only three life units (symbolized by hearts) but more can be collected later in the game (up to a maximum of six). Tetsuwan Atom consists of eight levels and although most of them are traditional side-scrolling platform stages, some have completely different gameplay styles (level six, for instance, features a top-down view where Atom must fly through the air and capture a blue bird).
Tetsuwan Atom (Fc)
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Tetsuwan Atom for the Super Famicom was chronologically the second game released for the franchise. See Tetsuwan Atom (Fc) for more information.

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :

Executive Producer
Hiromu & Amu
T. Yamada
K. Ishitani

Executive Supervisor
S. Omodaka
H. Shinmi

H. Ozaki
K. Hiraku
Y. Kawasaki
N. Tabata
T. Oikawa
K. Iwagana

M. Araki
K. Tanaka
M. Ohta
K. Kayajima
Music Compose
M. Nozawa

Music Program
A. Matsudaira
Special Thanks
M. Kubota
Y. Saotome
M. Fujimoto
K. Kumakura
M. Morohoshi
K. Hiziya
K. Ogata
Y. Endoh
K. Hayashi

©Tezuka Productions
©Zamuse 1994


Tetsuwan Atom manual Registration Card
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Tetsuwan Atom - cheats Stage select screen and extra lives:
Go to the title screen and open the config menu. There, press B, Y, Right, Left, B, Y, Right and Left. Now exit the menu and a new screen should appear (picture on the right). There you can select any level from the game or increase Atom's lives and credits up to a maximum of 9.

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Tetsuwan Atom is a disaster. Now let me explain this a little further. Graphically speaking, the game looks decent and I have to say the various sprites do the job well enough, and the music is above average. No, the real problem with Tetsuwan Atom is its lazy controls and gameplay. First off, Atom's flying ability is utterly flawed - you have to charge up the rocket boots and then release them in order to fly. This just doesn't work in practice and is incredibly frustrating. Then the only effective attack in the game is the air dash (used to dispose of most of the bosses), and this attack can only be performed after charging up the rocket boots! Finally, the levels are absolutely yawn-inducing and the boss battles are equally so (and some of them are brutally hard). All in all, Tetsuwan Atom is a gigantic disappointment and it doesn't deliver on the promise of a good franchise (and the game is not exactly cheap).

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