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スーパー アールタイプ
©1991 Irem Corp.
Release: 1991-07-13 (¥8500)
Cartridge SHVC-SR
Shooter / Horizontal

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European Version
Released in Europe as
R-Type, Irem's popular franchise is back for the Super Famicom system! This time around, the game is prefixed "SUPER" (which was a stylish moniker at the time) and is, in fact, a remixed version of the arcade game R-Type II originally released in 1989. The R-9 Ragnavok space fighter is back in service and "The Force" is once again ready to melt down Bydo empire's invading armada. The uncanny power-pod has always been at the core of R-Type's gameplay - it is indestructible and can be attached to the front of the ship in order to increase its humongous fire-power, or moved to its back and give it some tail cover. It can also be set completely free or wildly thrown at the enemy, which is usually the ultimate technique to defeat the toughest bosses in the game. The Force can also be greatly powered-up by collecting items left behind by legged-ships. These power-ups can upgrade its abilities or add secondary weapons, such as missiles or protective pods. Finally, the R-9 can charge-up a blast of energy (by holding the fire button) in order to unleash a powerful attack that can easily burn through enemy formations and turn them into dust. Super R-Type even allows the player to charge-up a special secondary spread-blast that will wipe out most of the enemies on screen. Super R-Type consists of seven stages and is single player only.
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Super R-Type - R-Type II arcade Super R-Type is actually loosely based on the arcade game R-Type II originally released by Irem in 1989 (picture on the right). But this conversion, tested here, shows a lot of differences with the original arcade game. The first stage is entirely exclusive to the Super Famicom version and features a new boss. The second stage is the arcade's first stage. The third stage is rather interesting - it is simplified and completely missing the arcade game's water and features a different boss. The fourth stage with the battleships is also drastically different and features an entirely new boss (players actually happen to fly inside one of the ship and fight it from within). The fifth stage is similar to the arcade's fourth stage. The overall design is arguably a lot clearer - the areas that feature the sliding foreground elements are somehow easier to see in the Super Famicom version. Things now get a little more complicated - the fifth stage from the arcade game with enemies creating blocks is nowhere to be seen in the Super Famicom version and was replaced by an exclusive junk-yard stage. Well, the arcade game only features six stages and this is where the Super Famicom version ultimately differs, and arguably offers more content than the original arcade game. Finally, the arcade game features an cool "3D" introduction sequence with a view from behind the R-9 ship - this was replaced by a simplified 2D version in the Super Famicom port.

R-Type III - Game Boy Advance If you are a fan of Super R-Type and R-Type III, then read on. Retro-Bit released in 2018 a gorgeous Collector's Edition that includes both games. The bundle (picture on the right) includes a cartridge compatible with the original SNES (the first 1000 units came with a special limited edition blue cartridge) and a hard embossed collector's box. It also includes several goodies such as a hard covered notebook, a limited edition pin set, a handful of original art prints and an exclusive sticker collection.

Teaser text from the American version:
A Galactic Battle Begins!
The BYDO Empire of mutant extra-terrestrials is back with evil intent and awesome power. You'll feel the heat of their attack as never before with the extra powerful graphics and unbelievable realism of the Super NES. Now the evil Empire is poised to launch a new attack on Earth. Only the revolutionary R-9 stands between these monsters and doom. Are they invincible? You'll need lightning reflexes, intuitive moves and a big dose of cosmic luck to hold your own!

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits - PRO mode) :


Game Design

Character Design

Background Design
Kazakami Shung

Game Program

Sound Program


Music Composition
Charlie Y.K

Arcade-Game Design

♪ Music ♪

R-9, To The Front!
Stage 1
Solo Sortie
Stage 2
CounterAttack '91
Stage 3
As Wet As A Fish
Stage 4
A Submerging Titan
Stage 5
Dream Of A Labyrinth
Stage 6
R Dance
Stage 7
National Anthem Of Bydo Empire
Boss Stage
Return Of The Creature
Escape From the Bydo Empire (Part 1)
Escape From the Bydo Empire (Part 2)
Novice Mode Ending
Try Harder!
Stage Clearance
To The Next Zone!
Game Over
A Combat Is Over.
Blast Rock
Staff And Music List
R-Type Medley

Special Thanks To
D.B. Team
Those Who Tested This Game

R-9 Pilot
Performed by You!

Super R-Type

Presented By

©1991 IREM


You Are Great!


Super R-Type - manual Super R-Type - Advertizing Super R-Type - Advertizing
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Stage Select:
Super R-Type level select
Super R-Type - Pro difficulty level
On the title screen, press Start once to display the level difficulty screen (right before starting the game). There, press and hold the Right Shoulder button and press Up nine times. If done right, you will hear the power-up chime. Start the game and pause at any time by pressing Start. During the pause, hold Right Shoulder, A and then press Select. A counter should appear in the lower-left corner of the screen (picture on the top-right). Press Up and Down to select a stage. This cheat comes with an interesting twist. Super R-Type features seven stages - however, seventeen stages can be selected with this cheat! Well, stages listed as 11 to 17 are one difficulty level up. So if you start the game as "Easy", levels 11 to 17 will be "Normal" difficulty. But, most interestingly, if you start the game as "hard", 11 to 17 will give you access to a hidden "PRO" difficulty level! Curiously, this mode also unlocks a hidden end-screen (picture on the bottom/right) not seen in the original game, as long as you can beat Super R-Type in this (insane) difficulty level. Interestingly, the only way to access the true ending of the game is to play the Hard and the PRO modes - but the Stage Select cheat doesn't allow you to do it... this is what this hidden screen says - "You must clear all stages!"

Weapon Select:
This cheat is a little tricky to activate. On the title screen, press Start once to display the level difficulty screen (right before starting the game). There press Down, Right Shoulder, Right, Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, Down and Down. If done right, you will hear the power-up chime. Start the game and pause at any time by pressing Start. During the pause, press Right Shoulder, Right, Down, Y, Down, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right and Right. But you're not done yet! You need to press one of these buttons to select the Weapon Type : A for red, X for blue, B for yellow, Y for green and Right Shoulder for grey. Then press A for homing missiles or X for ground missiles.

Super R-Type - real ending True Ending:
Super R-Type features a true ending - it is however really difficulty to see. You have to complete the game on Hard and then on PRO difficulty! You also can't use the Stage Select cheat and ultimately have to beat the whole game, technically twice, on these difficulty modes! This is virtually impossible to do because of the game's insane difficulty level... I am not ashamed to say that emulation and save-states seem to be the only way to achieve this treat. It is a real shame because this real ending features a rather good (and apparently exclusive) animated end-sequence (pictures on the right) and the game's staff-roll.

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Super R-Type looks amazing! Well, this is what I thought (like many others) the first time I laid my eyes on the gorgeous screenshots I could find in video game magazines back in the days... little did I know that the Super Famicom couldn't really deliver such a feast, or at least in the early days of the system. You see, Super R-Type was one of the earlier title for the system and it sadly has two critical flaws. First of all, the game suffers from incredibly bad slowdowns and horrible sprite flickering. They are not particularly constraining and only happen when the ship is fully powered-up - but they do mess up the gameplay and make some of the boss encounters more difficult than they should. Secondly, the difficulty level is brutal and you are sent to the very beginning of each stage, weapon-less, after you die. The original arcade game had, I feel, a much fairer checkpoint system. I guess Irem had to stick with the game's notorious traditions - a series cursed with an insanely difficulty level, but it feels really unnecessary here. It is a shame, because despite these annoying issues, Super R-Type is a solid shooter with great controls, amazing graphics and a soundtrack that arguably surpasses it's arcade counterpart. But, overall, I feel that these flaws make the game really frustrating to play...

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