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©1991 SNK Corp.
©1993 Data East Corp.
Release: 1993-09-22 (¥8800)
Cartridge SHVC-G5
Beat'm up

Sengoku Denshō is a side-scrolling beat'em up and conversion of SNK's arcade game released in 1991. This version is however more an adaptation than a conversion (see the info section). In a post-apocalyptic future, the world is at sake and undead warriors have invaded streets and cities. Lords from the Sengoku era, (era known for its countless military conflicts) are being awakened from their long sleep and prepare the world to receive their long dead Shogun Master. Two warriors (Dan & Bill) embark on a mission to save the day and send those invaders from another time back where they belong. For that matter, the game constantly alternates from traditional fighting areas (streets, subway, sewers) to unusual scenes in Japanese feudal heavens where a floating ghost city awaits. Our heroes use traditional fighting techniques and combos, they can also use various weapons and special attacks - colored orbs are usually scattered around each stage and give our fighters new weapon power-ups, such as the powerful katana sword. But that's not all, special icons get them to temporary transform into three different attack-forms : The powerful Samurai, the fast Ninja or the Armored dog who can mainly jump-spin in the air.
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Arcade version This Super Famicom version is surprisingly different from the original game (picture on the left) and is also shorter. The overall look of the game is the same, but sprites have been redrawn and the layout of the various stages is different. The original version also allowed players to transform anytime during the game - unlike this version where special icons have to be picked up. It looks like a US version of the game was planned but cancelled. A prototype-box seems to exist and some pictures of it float around the web - which are worth digging out just to look at the appalling artwork showing two terrible versions of Bill and Dan in plasticine. Priceless.


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Sengoku Denshō is a fun and unique beat'm up. If you happen to know the arcade/Neo Geo game it was based on, then you'll be disappointed - this conversion is a shadow of its master. Especially because Data East decided to go its on way with it - and the game was simplified and changed in places for that matter. But this version is, technically speaking, correct and features a moderate number of large sprites on screen. Controls are also fine without anything to complain about, really, Data East played it safe and went for traditional button configurations. I personally find the game a bit too easy and repetitive, enemies usually die after a couple of punches - but on another hand, I usually hate brawler games that throw enemies with endless life bars at you, so I don't think this is much of a problem. All in all, not a bad beat'm up by any means but nothing that will pump you up.

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