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ジー・オー・ディー 目覚めよと呼ぶ声が聴こえ
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Release: 1996-12-20 (¥7980)
Role Playing Game

GOD (aka Growth or Devolution) is a role playing game by Imagineer. The game starts in 1999 and tells the story of Gen, a young boy who goes biking to the nearby mountains. After being bullied by a group of boys, he finally reaches the top of the mountain. There he discovers a cave and a strange device - but soon weird flying saucers fill up the sky and annihilate the city in front of his very eyes. A tremendous flash of light cuts across the sky and Gen collapses, unconscious. He then wakes up ten years later, in 2009, in a military base near his destroyed hometown. The outside world has dramatically changed and Gen will travel throughout the world and uncover the secret of the alien invasion. New friends will help him on the journey, the first one is the old swordmaster Bajile who is soon followed by Bajile, Mina and Ai. GOD follows a traditional role-playing recipe based around exploration and turn-based combat. Enemy encounters are menu-driven and feature a "behind-the-character" view of the action. Our heroes can use their main weapons, activate items, cast magic spells and, later in the game, even use special psychic abilities.
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Two interesting artists names can be found in the game's credits. The first one is Tatsuya Egawa, a Japanese manga artist known for his series such as Golden Boy or Magical Taruruuto-kun. The art of GOD certainly reminds us of Egawa's work. The other name is Demon Kogure who was the lead singer of the Japanese rock band Seikima tsu - he was the music director of GOD.


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For some reason I really enjoyed playing GOD. The beginning of the game instantly reminded me of the atypical Mother II - the boy, the red cap and the aliens. Even Gen's home has a feeling of 'déjà vu'. But GOD soon features his own unique spins and ideas. The game's difficulty level is quite low and you will breeze though almost any enemy encounter. I personally don't mind that. This makes the random combats required for leveling up not as annoying as usual. In term of graphics, GOD is a great looking game - clear sprites and some locations look incredible with a fair use of transparency and scaling effects. Some enemy designs are a bit cheap though (what are giant smileys doing in a forest ?) but they're overall correct. Finally the soundtrack has a nice variety of style and nice melodies - some are a bit short and repetitive though. Non Japanese speaking players may get stuck in places and the 'try and error' and 'talk to everyone' techniques may help them out, but enjoying the game without some knowledge of Japanese may be possible. All in all, a charismatic and solid RPG for the Super Famicom that needs more recogniton!

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