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©Taito Corp. 1991.
Release: 1991-03-29 (¥8500)
Cartridge SHVC-DT

American Version
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European Version
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Darius Twin is a side scrolling shooter by Taito, and the first episode in the company's flagship Darius series to be released for the Super Famicom system. This installment is however exclusive to Nintendo's 16 bit console (as was 'Darius Force'), and was not ported from an arcade game. Darius Twin takes place thousands of years after the original battle of Darius. But this long period of peace and stability is about to come to an end - the evil Belser empire and its army of fish-looking and monstrous battleships have suddenly reappeared from their hiding place. Once again, the planet Darius faces a certain irredeemable doom and two elite pilots (descendants of Proco and Tiat), on board their Silver hawk space fighters, are summoned to save the day. In the Darius tradition, each ship comes equipped with a two-weapon system (front laser and side bombs) and a shield. Each weapon can be separately upgraded by collecting colored orbs left behind by small formations of power cubes, the same cubes that hassled the player in the first Darius games if they lingered around a boss for too long. Power ups include Red pods (upgrade the main weapon), green pods (upgrade the side weapon), blue pods (upgrade the shield) as well as Yellow pods (wipes out all enemies on screen) and Orange pods (extra life). A last power item is a red octagonal pod that switches the main weapon from laser-blasts to powerful piercing lasers, and vice versa. Additionally, and just like any other title in the Darius series, although one play consists of seven stages, the game features a grand total of twelve levels (called 'Rounds') and branching routes give the player the ability to pick a path between two choices. However, Darius Twin differs greatly from previous installments in the series and the branching paths are extremely limited - six zones don't branch out at all, and there is only one final level (Zone L). Finally, and as the game's title aptly implies, a two simultaneous player mode is available.
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Teaser text from the American version:
Two player simultaneous action...Across a galaxy
For countless millenia, the space tyrant Belser and his cosmic marauders have terrorized this once peaceful galaxy. Now, no sector remains safe from these stellar mercenaries and their evil empire. The Galactic Federation has finally called on two of its ace pilots and their sleek Silver Hawk waships to do battle with Belser's malicious metal menaces and reclaim the beloved planet Darius. Climb into the pilot's seat for a solo mission against Belser's forces; or engage the enemies with a fellow Federation pilot in a two-player simultaneous team attack. The future of the galaxy rests on the success of this perilous quest.

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :

We have finally regained
Darius, Our Former Mother
After This Battle, the
Galaxy's allied forces
established bases on Orga
and Darius, the two mother
planet,they now reign in
power over the galaxy to
restore peace and order.

Executive Producer
Takao Ueno
T. Kou

Tomohiro Nishikado
Shouji Takahashi
Yasutaka Minami
Mituo Ogura
Junichiro Noguchi

Character Designers
Keisuke Miyanaga
T. Kawaishi
Shin Saitoh
Y. Wakita

Sound Editor
Wiz. Master (Zuntata)
Pochi (Zuntata)

Sound Software
Nao. Neko

Game Checker
Kiyoshi Bandou
Y. Nakamura
Technical Adviser
Yuji Koga
Haruo Suzuki

Special Thanks To
Akira Fujita
Yasutaka Ougou
Takayuki Shinma

Game Design And Directed By
Kouji Yamazaki

©TAITO Corporation 1991
All Rights Reserved


Darius Twin manual
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Different endings:
Although Darius Twin only features one final level, the game still offers different endings. They seem to be awarded to the player based upon his remaining lives after beating the last zone - well, other factors (such as variations in the path the player takes, or failing to defeat the last boss) seem to trigger some of these endings and, to this day, I'm not completely sure how to reproduce some of the necessary (and arguably confusing) conditions...

Ending #1 (default)
"We have finally regained Darius, our former mother planet. Our craft, the Silver hawk, has now fulfilled its mission and will rest for awhile... Until it is summoned again to the far reaches of our galaxy."

Ending #2
"Congratulations on your success in clearing all the levels in this game. We trust you can do even better with more practice. Now pull yourself together and go for the real ending."

Ending #3
"We have finally regained Darius, our former mother planet. We were, however, informed the enemy fleet was approaching our mother planet Orga, and we had to return to it"
Ending #4
"We have finally regained Darius, our former mother planet. After this battle, the galaxy's allied forces established bases on Orga and Darius, the two mother planets, they now reign in power over the galaxy to restore peace and order."

Ending #5
"We have finally regained Darius, our former mother planet. We also succeeded in getting important information of the planet which houses the enemy head quarter from the computer memory installed in the big battleship of enemy fleet which was occupying our planet. Now we allied forces are on our way to the enemy planet in order to defeat them and regain peace and order in the galaxy."

Extra lives
On the title screen, hold the Left-shoulder and Right-shoulder buttons on the second controller. Then hold Select on the first controller and press Start. This will allow you to start the game with 49 lives !

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Darius Twin was the first Darius incarnation for the Super Famicom system and was released early in the console's lifepan, which may explain my feeling of disappointment... My biggest peeve with the game are the agonizingly long and monotonous stages. Enemy formations often fly around your ship without much conviction, and this has always been my biggest issue with Taito's popular series - it feels like stages are just thrown in to kill time between astonishing boss battles. But hey, I've always been a huge fan of Darius (a kind of love/hate story), so I'll give this episode a chance. Darius Twin has a couple of highs. Firstly, the two-simultaneous player mode is a neat addition and works really well. Then you are allowed to continue where you died and still keep your weapons. Well, you soon realize that with this overly generous gift comes a tragedy... the first half of the game is a breeze to play, but then the difficulty level abruptly kicks in, and you realize that you will need more that the dwindling handful of lives you're granted with in order to complete the game. That is, other Darius games strip you from your weapons when you die - while this has always infuriated me, the difficulty within each level felt more balanced because of it. In this opus, collecting power-ups is absolutely mandatory, or your ship will be too weak to last very long in later levels (and the last stage is absolute hell). All in all, Darius Twin is a decent shooter, but it feels incredibly generic in comparison to the richness of the original games, and it lacks the unique and genuine atmosphere that made the series so iconic.

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