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(c)1988 1989 NAMCO LTD.
Release : 1989-09-08 (6800)
HuCard (4 Mbits) NC89004
Shooter / Horizontal

American Version
Released in America as
( TGX040022 )
Ordyne is a colorful and cute horizontal shooter and conversion of Namco's arcade game of the same name originally released in 1988. Two courageous fellows, a young and brilliant scientist and his Chinese assistant, embark on a mission onboard their flying ships to save the world. Actually, their goal is also to save the scientist's lovely girlfriend kidnaped by an evil professor. Each ship is equipped with laser beams and bombs and can be upgraded by collecting floating crystals (dropped by defeated enemies). However, these do not directly upgrade their weaponry though, but they instead need to be spend as cash money in floating shops scattered around each stage. And now comes the catch - only one weapon-item can be purchased and used at the same time and they range from 3-ways fire, Vulcan gun, homing missiles, stock bombers, fire bombs and other items like speedups. Other special locations, like Dream Co. gambling pods, get the player to gamble crystals in an attempt to win extra equipment or more cash.
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Arcade version

PC Engine : Japanese & American covers
The original arcade game was released by Namco in 1988. Back then, It probably easily stood out of the crowd, thanks to its colorfully shaded and vivid backgrounds and huge rotating/deforming sprites and sceneries (top left picture). The game was only converted for the PC Engine system as far as I know. The conversion is of course lacking all of the amazing sprite deformation effects, and the breathtaking rotating backgrounds were replaced with traditional moving sprites. Some original elements, such as the interesting (and unusual) human/butterfly shapes from the second stage were sadly omitted. As a side note, the Chinese assistant was changed form the American Turbografx-16 game cover and replaced by a blond kid (bottom left picture). But game's graphics are unchanged and the Chinese assistant can still be seen riding the second's player ship. Anyway, players will have to wait 1997 to play the original game again, and Ordyne was one of the selectable game in Namco Museum Vol.4 for the Sony Playstation.

Teaser text from the American version:
You must find and rescue the kidnaped Miss Kana. The safety of the universe is at stake ! Around her neck is the key to the colossal nuclear reactor, Ordyne. Take on the air ! Fire lasers ! Bomb the evil Kubata's stronghold. Power up at the Space Inn, Then finally face and defeat the totally awesome Kubata himself. Team up with a friend to save the universe. Or do it yourself, hero.


Ordyne manual Ordyne Turbografx-16 manual
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Ordyne is a funny and really cool game and I especially like the game's overall design. It's undeniably different than anything else done at the time. Graphics are not as detailed and colorful as the arcade but let's not be surprised there, the original arcade game palette was impressive, with incredible shades of colors all over the screen. All of the amazing sprite deformations are also missing here and replaced by more traditional and simple sprite effects. The game is nevertheless very good, addictive and really playable. The two simultaneous player mode is also a great feature and certainly adds a lot to the experience. My only complaint would go for the shops, and the fact that purchased weapons can only be used once. But all in all, Ordyne is an excellent game and this version is the only home conversion I know of (If we do not count the Sony's Playstation port which is, I think, the original emulated Rom).

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