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©Taito Corp. 1988
Release: 1988-10-28 (¥3300)
DiskCard TFD-UMZ
Action / Puzzle game

Yuu Maze is the conversion of Taito's arcade game Raimais which was also released in 1988. It can be quickly described as a sort of Pac Man on wheels. The game takes place in 2088 and the hero's brother has be kidnapped by the evil Dr Morito and he embarks on a journey to rescue him. The player takes control on a fast futuristic car and the goal of the game is to collect all the capsules (colored dots) scattered around each maze. Other cars obviously tries to stop our hero and the game is a constant and intensive race, pushing the player to take sharp curves without colliding with other vehicles. Special icons can be collected to upgrade the vehicle or trigger special actions. This way the car can be protected by a shield or use a laser-gun. Other icons will clean all capsules on screen (only one level though) or create special warp-doors beaming the player to special bonus stages. A two simultaneous player mode is also available, thus a friend can ride his own vehicle and help the player to clean up each stage. Finally, the game progression can be saved onto the DiskCard and an editor allows the player to create, save and play five different mazes.
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The original arcade game, called Raimais, was released by Taito in 1988. However, graphics are, as you would have guessed, better. It also counts many more cut scenes and the main character, a girl, can be clearly seen in the introduction sequence. The layout of the mazes is also very different and, when a maze is completed, the player is given the choice of four exists instead of two. Finally, the arcade game also count insectoid bosses (pictured on the left) sadly missing from the Famicom game . Curiously, both arcade and Famicom versions feature the weird goblin looking guy giving you some advice every ten stages or so. The game was also included in Taito Memories Vol.2 released in 2005 for Sony's Playstation 2. A simple and black & white version of Raimais was also released for mobile phones in 2002.


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It was a strange feeling to play Yuu maze for the first time. Not really for the game itself but because, as a kid, I used to play Raimais in the arcades with my dad. And I completely forgot about it. The music was probably the first element that made these memories surface again. Anyway, I won't let nostalgia blur my vision. Yuu maze is actually a very entertaining game and you do not have to save your girlfriend for a change, but your brother. Graphics are not amazing and are, like it is often the case with Famicom games, more colorful than the original arcade game. Yet, the two selectable exits at the end of every maze is a nice feature and it certainly adds a lot to the replay value. Everything seems to be about choice in this game, even the ending. But I won't spoil it here. Nostalgia probably influences my opinion about this one but I nevertheless highly recommend it !

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