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©1988 Taito Corporation
©1987 Sony Corporation/KLON
Release: 1988-02-26 (¥3500)
DiskCard TFD-REP-3500
Action/puzzle game

Replicart is an action/puzzle game by Taito and based on the popular Snake. In the 22nd century, Earth has been invaded by snake looking aliens and humans have decided to create a robot, the Replicart, to push back the invasion. The player controls a long robotic articulated snake and maneuvers around a bordered playing area. The snake always moves forward and the player can only change its direction of movement. Small cells randomly appear on screen and every single one of them must be collected to progress to the next stage. But there is a catch and each time the robot-snake picks up a cell it grows longer. This feature lies at the core of the gameplay and the snake will be destroyed if it hits a wall or touches any part of his own segmented body. Once all the cells are removed from the play field, a tiny passageway appears on the side of the screen and gives access to the next stage. Things become gradually more difficult as the game progresses - every level introduces more cells to collect at once, roaming enemies, deadly obstacles and a challenging boss every ten stages. Power-ups can also be collected later in the game, some destroy all the enemies on screen whereas others reset the length of the snake or freeze time.
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Replicart Taito tried to distinguish themselves and made their games stand out from the crowd of other Disk titles available for the Famicom Disk system. Replicart didn't make exception to the rule. The game was released in a large zippered plastic pouch and included a large instruction manual and a boxed Famicom Disk (picture on the left).

Replicart MSX2 Replicart was originally released by Sony Corporation for the MSX 2 in 1987 (picture on the right). The box art for that version was designed by famed artist Kenichi Sonoda (Gall Force, Bubblegum Crisis). It is anyone's guess why Taito has chosen to design an entirely different (and rather cheap looking) cover illustration for the Famicom Disk version - copyright issues are probably to blame as the MSX 2 seems to be a Hit Bit/Sony/KLON production.
However, Replicart was also ported to the NEC PC-8801 Japanese computer in 1988 and had, once again, a completely different cover art. This version was published by Taito this time around though.


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Replicart is a really poor game. I mean, the concept is quite interesting and the developers have cleverly reinterpreted the classic ideas behind Snake. The boss fights are especially fun and are one of the rare opportunities to use the snake's laser-gun (I wish this feature was more present throughout the game). Anyway, I'm afraid to say that most players won't be patient enough to see what Replicart has to offer. The robot snake is tiny on screen and the controls are tricky to master no matter how you tackle them. You'll die often and will lose interest fast. Then the game has to load and play the level's introduction sequence every time you start! I must say that the game's packaging is one of the oddest I have ever seen and the disk comes in a weird plastic pouch with a sort of zipper-lock... it sadly seems to be the only arguably compelling feature of Replicart.

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