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ファミコン グランプリ F1レース
©1987 Nintendo
Release: 1987-10-30 (¥3500)
F1 Racing game

Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race is a top-down Formula-1 racing game by Nintendo. Several play modes are available and the competition mode is certainly the most entertaining. The player starts with 50 credits of money and must first purchase a Formula 1 car. The players then needs to pick a level (from one to four) and compete in his first race. The car's controls are simple - one button gets the player to drive in Low-speed and the second in Hi-Speed. Because cars are never fast enough, a Turbo can be triggered at hi-speed by pressing the Up direction on the control pad. However, it should be used sensibly and three gauges at the bottom of the screen indicate how many are still available. The Body, Tire and Gas indicators also slowly decrease and are linked to the player's actions. If dangerously low, these will dramatically reduce the car's control and behavior effectiveness. The only way to refill them is to stop at the pit located right before the finish line. Once the race is over, the first finishers are awarded with money and get ready for another, more difficult, race. The game offers other modes such as training or time attack. The title screen also gives access to the Service Data, which was a way to access Nintendo's official Tournament (see the info section for more information).
FamicomGrandPrix:3DHotRally (Fds)
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A first racing game, F1 Race, was released on cartridge by Nintendo in 1984 but it shares little in common with its Famicom Disk counterpart. The race was viewed from behind the car rather than from a top-down view. A sequel to Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race exists though, called Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally. The game also features Luigi and uses the clever Famicom's 3D goggles. The top-down view has also been switched to a traditional 'behind the car' view. 3D Hot Rally was also part of a national contest organized by Nintendo (read next paragraph for more details).

Super Mario Game & Watch Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race was part of a large contest organized by Nintendo in Japan. The winning prize of the F-1 Grand Prix Tournament was a yellow version of the Super Mario Game & Watch (picture on the left) and the game's documentation mentions that only 10,000 copies are supposed to exist. It also says that the contest was opened from October 30th,1987 to December 15th,1987. The winning prize came in a special box with instructions and a Disk Fax letter addressed to the lucky winner. The game itself came in a yellow plastic case in the shape of Diskun, the official Nintendo's DiskCard mascot at the time. Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race was the third contest to be organized by Nintendo. The first two were Golf Course Japan and Golf US Course. The third one was Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School and the last one, as far as I know, was 3D Hot Rally. I often wondered how Nintendo ever managed to receive all those best scores from thousands of players all around Japan. The answer is somehow simple - along with the traditional Disk Writers, Nintendo also manufactured machines called Disk Faxes (Picture on the right). These machines could upload the data directly from the disk card (score, player's name etc...) and send all this information, via modem, to Nintendo's headquarters. Blue discs are the ones supposed to be used with the Disk Fax machines.

F-1 Race  - Japanese Guide Book
Japanese guide Book


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Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race is surprisingly good and perfectly captures all of the features that make racing games fun and entertaining. At first, I was expecting a traditional 'behind-the-car' racing game - but how wrong I was. F1-Race is actually much closer to other top-down games such as F1 Circus, Nihon Bussan's popular Formula One racing game series. The car's handling is nothing short of sumptuous, the feeling of speed (thanks to a two-gears and turbo options) is intense. The game tops all of that with excellent sound effects and a very entertaining competition mode where the player has to also manage his wallet to purchase new cars. F1-Race is an excellent game.

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