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スーパースターフォース 時空暦の秘密
©1986 Tecmo, Ltd.
Release: 1986-11-11 (¥5300)
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Super Star Force Jikūreki no Himitsu is a shooter/adventure game by Tecmo and is a Famicom exclusive sequel of Star Force. The name of the game translates as "The Secret of the space-time almanac" and refers to the innovative adventure aspect of Super Star Force. In the year 2010 and after the events depicted in Star Force, the monstrous planet Gordess was destroyed by the Final Star and the galaxy was at peace. But many mysteries still remain and a mission to explore the past and to reveal the truth about Gordess is assembled. Commander Ralph, on board the Neo Final Star, accepts the dangerous mission of traveling through time and to answer the mysterious questions regarding the planet's uncertain origins. The goal of the game is to visit all the seven dungeons hidden in each time zone and to retrieve the precious time stones. The gameplay in Super Star Force is split into two distinct parts. The above ground stages feature traditional vertical-scrolling shooting action. There, the player destroys waves of enemy ships and collects 'time points'. These points are at the center of the gameplay - special red doors scattered through each level can warp the Neo Final forward or back in time in exchange of time points, other red doors stamped with a "W" lead to the next time-zone and finally, these points are also used to purchase new items inside shops dotted around each area. Then ground areas are underground dungeons/maze that Ralph must explore on foot and this is also the location where the time stones are hidden away. There he fights countless enemies, blast walls with his bombs and defeat enormous bosses. Super Star Force has an incredibly non-linear structure and some conditions must be fulfilled in some areas in order to open dungeon entrances in other stages (see the secrets section for more info).
StarForce (Fc)
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There is an unfortunate glitch in Super Star Force that prevents the game to be completed. The dungeon in DA 0820 has a fountain that shouldn't be stopped before the dungeon from DA 0001 is completed.

See StarForce (Fc) for more information about the series.

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Here are some hints to help you make your way through Super Star Force.

Each time you fulfil a condition, the screen flashes red to warn you that an access has been opened somewhere. It is always good to check the status screen for updates (Pause the game and press Select), this can help you figuring out where to go next. The following is not a walkthrough but a list of simple hints to help you in the game.

Year DA 0001 - Volcanoes must be destroyed to reveal the entrance to the area's dungeon.
Year DA 0316 - The dungeon can only be accessed by collecting the four Oanesu Crests (shaped like a bird/devil). The crests are hidden inside the dungeons from DA 2010, DA 1608 and DA 1301 (bombs must be used to find them). The last crest is located right in front of the large building in DA 0316.
Year DA 0820 - A circle of stones hides the entrance to a shop - you will find there the Dorera Statue (used to enter the area's dungeon).
The dungeon has a fountain in it - dry it with the Solar Lamp and retrieve the Cleopatra Mask (item used to get to the game's good ending).
Year DA 1003 - An invisible area must be destroyed in the center of the large ocean, this unlocks the dungeon's entrance for DA 1301.
Year DA 1301 - There is a giant egg there that must be destroyed to reveal the dungeon's entrance from DA 1608.
Year DA 1608 - One of the skull on the ground (from the largest skeleton) can be destroyed and unlocks the dungeon's entrance from the year DA 2010.
Year DA 2010 - The dungeon has a special sealed door in its center that can only be opened by collecting the two Dungeon Crests first (grey crests with a red center). You'll find a time stone behind this door.

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Super Star Force is a bit disorienting at first. You'll probably spend the first ten minutes wondering what's up with the game - levels simply loop, warps just lead to more warps and nothing seem to get you anywhere. But then, at some point, something clicks and you start feeling and understanding what it is you're doing, or supposed to do. So anyone looking for a solid and straight on shooter, please look elsewhere, Super Star Force is not for you. But if you are looking for something different and unique, then you owe yourself to give this game a try. Be warned though you'll need a lot of time and perseverance to make it through it - some items, such as the Oanesu Crests, are incredibly hard to find. But the idea of changing the past to alter levels in the future is neat and really well thought out. All in all, Super Star Force is not a game that everyone will enjoy but I personally think it brings something fresh to the genre and I really enjoyed playing it. I only wished it had an option to save your game in progress...

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