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©1991 Sigma Enterprises, Inc.
Release: 1991-05-17 (¥6200)
Cartridge SEI-1E

Fuzzical Fighter is a side scrolling shooter with mild RPG elements by Sigma. The magical planet of Funny is in danger - the Dimensional Stone, an ancient and mysterious artifact that maintains the balance of the world, has been stolen. In a last ditch effort, the king decides to send his best pilot to thwart the attack. Mark, the brilliant pilot of the Fuzzical Fighter, accepts the challenge and is eager to recover the stolen property. However, Fuzzical Fighter is not your typical side-scrolling shooter. The game is broken into two main phases that can be roughly described as a 'building phase' (where the player customizes the ship) and an 'attack phase' (which features traditional side-scrolling shooting action). Mark starts his adventure in a small town where he can purchase all kind of new engine parts, shield components and weapons (called 'Shots') for the ship, as well as sell old gears. Special items are also available and come in different shapes and forms (such as health, extra maximum health, extra magic and so forth). But towns have a lot more to offer and each kingdom has its own king and simple subplot (but they don't really affect the action phases). Mark can meet the king and gather information about his mission, talk to his adviser to attain the current level's password or stay at the Inn to fully restore his health. Once the player is ready for action, he can visit the Inn to enter the next action phase (or buy his way to any level in the game). Action phases are fairly straight forward with countless waves of enemy ships and vile bosses to do battle with for money. Interestingly, the player can access a menu screen and change the ship's configuration at anytime, like the ability to switch weapons, use items or activate the ships's autopilot. The FAPS, as it is called, is an option to place the ship in autopilot mode (called 'Fuzzy' mode) and let it fly by itself (it comes with two pre-defined commands called Attack and Defense). Finally, the ship can also use magic spells - although powerful, they consume the player's Magic Powers and must be used with great care. Fuzzical Fighter consists of eight levels and uses a simple four digit password system to save the player's progress.
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Fuzzical Fighter was fan translated in English and a patch was released in January 2000 by WakdHacks.

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :


Hiroaki Kawamoto

Masura Oka
Takeo Kakazu
Jun Uchijima

Sound Creator
Sachiko Oita
Tatsuya Miyata
Hiromu Yamamoto

Special Thanks
Mutsumi Murakami
Hisaki Katoh
Kyoko Nakagawa
Yuichi Watanabe
Masashige Nii
Akihiro Akamatsu

Presented By
Sigma Enterprises Inc.


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How to play:
Fuzzical Fighter can be confusing at first. Here is some information to ease you into it if you're having trouble. Each town features three kind of stores that you can visit at will:

Fuzzical Fighter - part store Part Store:
There, you can purchase (かいにきた) or sell (うりにきた) parts. Parts come in three categories - Weapons (ショット), Engines (エンシン) and Shields (シールド).

Fuzzical Fighter - Item store Item Store:
Item stores sell equipment. However, most of them can only use during action phases. There you can also increase your maximum health, magic or autopilot level.

Fuzzical Fighter - Inn Inn:
Inns are rather interesting. There, you can rest and recover health and magic (はいふくとワープ and かいふく), revisit an action level (はいふくとワープ) or enter the next action stage (たたかいにゆく).

In a nutshell, you receive 200G at the start of the game, as well as a Wing Pow that can warp you back to the nearest town in case of emergency. Explore the town to purchase equipment and parts for the ship. When ready, enter the Inn and select たたかいにゆく to start the next action stage.

Level Passwords:
The password system doesn't actually save your progress... Let me explain. The game doesn't save your money or ship upgrades. Instead, you receive a pre-defined sum of money and your life is upgraded automatically to a certain level.

Stage 1 ( Funny Land )
Stage 2 ( Rock Land ) 8009
Stage 3 ( Cosmo Land ) 0720
Stage 4 ( BLock Land ) 9025
Stage 5 ( Crystal Land ) 0127
Stage 6 ( Artist Land ) 7013
Stage 7 ( Electric Land ) 0926
Stage 8 ( Funny Land ) 3280

Hyper Debuggers Mode:
At the title screen, pick the second player's controller and hold A and B. Then press and hold A and Select on the first player's controller. The debug screen should appear. There you can play any music tracks or sound effects from the game, or select a level. You can also access all the game's graphics by pressing Select, or even start a two-player speed trail mini-game (where each player has to press the A button faster than their friend).

Fuzzical Fighter - debug screen
Here is the list of weapons, engines, shields, items and spells available in the game. As a side note, the last town is a reiteration of the first town (Fuzzy Land), so all the items sold there are the same as level 1, so make sure you equip your ship with the best equipment by the end of level seven ! The following list includes the original Japanese names (in kana), an English translation (borrowed from the fan translated version for consistency) and cost/misc information about each part or item.

ショット (Weapons)
ふつうのいし (Default) - single shot (150G)
ぜんごのいし (Reverse) - forward and backward shots (250G)
あうぎのいし (Burst) - three bullets in an arc (300G)
3WAYビーム (3 Way beam) - three large bullets in an arc (350G)
きわるてつだま (Spinner) - spike balls (400G)
ノーマルレーザー (Laser) - laser beam (500G)
いきあいのいし (Spreader) - energy balls in an arc (700G)
びろがるてつだき (POW Ball) - energy balls spread and regroup (900G)
てつのブーメラン (Boomerang) - shots forward and then move backwards (950G)
ウエーブビーム (Wave Beam) - Energy balls in a wave (1000G)
サーチビーム (Search Beam) - homing energy balls (1100G)
さいきょうのいし (Ultra) - six way shots (1200G)
てつのやまぴこ (Echo Shot) - bouncing bullets (1350G)
バックレーザー (Reverse Laser) - laser beams forward and backward (1500G)
ワイプレーゼー (WV Laser) - Wave beams (1800G)
トリプリレーザー (TriLaser) - three way lasers (2000G)
クラッシュヒーム (Crash Beam) - Never managed to buy that one... too pricey...(24272G)

エンシン (Engines)
ノーマルエンシン (Normal) - default speed (150G)
シュットエンシン (Jet) - increase speed (300G)
アトミックエンシン (Atomic) - increase speed (1000G)
クオークエンシン (Quark) - increase speed (2000G)

シールド (Shields)
いしのシールド (Stne) - default (150G)
てつのシールド (Stl Shd) - increase protection (300G)
ちたんのシールド (Titanium) - increase protection (600G)
ぎんのシールド (Silv Shd) - increase protection (1200G)
ひすいのシールド (Jade Shd) - increase protection (3000G)
ひかりのシールド (Lght Shd) - increase protection (6000G)

エネパック (Ene Pack) (200G)- recover +8 HP (only during action phases)
ビッグパック (Big Pack) (350G) - recover lot of HP
パワーオイング (Pow Wing) (100G) - Warp you back to the nearest town (only during action phases)
アドパワー (Power Up) (300G+) - Increase maximum HP (+16).
アドマジック (Magic Up) (100G+)- Increase maximum MP (+16).
アドファジー (Fuzzy Up) (100G+) - Increase maximum FP (autopilot).

マジック(Magic Spells)
ストーマー (Stormer) - kill all enemies on screen (8MP)
スキューム (Pow Wing) - warp back to the nearest town (16MP)
リケーン (Heal I) - recover +16 HP (32MP)
リケント (Heal II) - recover +40 HP (64MP)
リケンタル (Heal III) - recover all HP (128MP)
ノーテスン (Invincibility) - become invincible for a short amount of time (208MP)

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Just when you think you've seen everything, something like Fuzzical Fighter comes along and rocks your world. Fuzzical Fighter is a strange and harmonious mix of RPG and shooting action. Well, the RPG elements are fairly mild and only act as short intermissions between levels, really. No exploration, no experience points and no random battles - they are just there to boost up your ship, buy equipment or save your progress. However a basic knowledge of Japanese is required but it won't take you more that ten minutes to figure out the menus (I have added some information in the secret section on this page, or you can hunt down the excellent English patch for the game). Anyway, is the game any good ? Well, Fuzzical Fighter is definitively a game that grows on you. I wasn't really impressed at first - the graphics are fairly average, controls are overall correct and the action lacks substance... but things curiously get better as the game progresses and some levels really deliver the goods, with large bosses and vicious obstacles and enemies. The game constantly nudges for attention and you always want to see what's around the next corner... All in all, Fuzzical Fighter is a really unique and fun game that I highly recommend!

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