( Burai Fighter )
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ブライ ファイター 無頼戦士
©Taito Corp. 1990/Disco
©Taxan USA Corp. 1990
Release: 1990-07-20 (¥5900)
Cartdridge DTF-5F

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European Version
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Burai Senshi (aka Burai Fighter) is a multi-scrolling shooter by Taito. In a far corner of the galaxy, an alien race of super-brain creatures, known as the Burai, rules over multiple worlds in an attempt to overrun the universe. Their army of mutant cyborgs, half-machine and half-beast, is now deploying in force to all corners of the galaxy. The player is sent off to destroy the enemy invasion. Equipped with a jet-pack and a laser-cannon, he must infiltrate the Burai's facility and neutralize the threat. Our hero can move and fire in eight different directions - pressing and holding the fire button allows him to fire in that direction until it is released again. There are three different weapons available in the game - the Laser (L), the missiles (M) and the power-rings (R). Although each weapon has three power levels, five power-icons must be collected to upgrade them. However, should the player die, the active weapon will start back at the lowest power level. Smart-bombs can also deliver their destructive payloads in critical situations and are available in limited quantities. A special bar located at the bottom of the screen displays the current bomb power-level, and red pods scattered throughout the game must be gathered to slowly increase this energy. Interestingly, filling up the bar entirely awards the player an extra life. More power-ups are available for the taking such as speed-ups (S), defense satellites and extra lives. The game also features top-down perspective levels - a map displayed at the beginning of such levels shows the location of a large enemy base. Bases are massive eyed monsters surrounded by turrets that have to be destroyed in order to advance to the next level. Burai Fighter features seven levels (some areas branch out and sometimes reveal hidden rooms), as well as three difficulty levels which lead to different endings.
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Burai Senshi was also available for the Game Boy in 1990 as Burai Senshi Deluxe (aka Burai Fighter Deluxe). It features only five of the original seven levels (the top-down levels were omitted) and the level design had to be slightly adjusted. A Game Boy Color version was then released in 1990 and called Burai Senshi Color (aka Space Marauder in the west).

Teaser text copied from the American version:
In a remote corner of the galaxy, there lives a race of super-brains known as the Burai. For thousands of years, their vast mental capabilities have been focused upon one goal: the conquest of the universe! To accomplish this, they are creating huge armies of robo-mutants - bizarre creatures, half robot and half living flesh. With their seven manufacturing bases producing thousands of robo-mutants each day, the Burai armies will soon overrun the galaxy - unless you can stop them! Strap on your proton pack, charge up your laser cannon, and prepare to do battle with the deadliest army of mutant rogues in the universe. You must somehow penetrate the seven bases of the Burai, where you will confront a super-mutant guarding each base - monstrous creatures like the Giganticrab, Jawsipede, and Fangskull - until finally, you face the t errifying Slimedragon! But with the awesome arsenal of weapons at your command, victory may still be within your reach. It's up to you to rid the universe of the evil Burai once and for all!


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Burai Fighter is one of those games that "wow" you the moment you pick up the controller. Player and enemy sprites are fairly large and the graphics are extremely solid. Boss fights are especially epic and intense. I just love how massive and unique some of them are. The scrolling also changes direction as the game progresses which gives each level its own "uniqueness" (well, nearly as some of the background graphics get recycled later in the game). But Burai Fighter really distinguishes itself with its incredible responsive control system - the 'hold to freeze' control scheme is pure genius and allows players (with some practice) to finally move in one direction while shooting in another with a simple D-Pad controller. This doesn't sound like much, but many other games tried and miserably failed at it (Ikari Warriors is probably the worst offender). Unfortunately, Burai Fighter has a couple of flaws - the top-down levels distract from the flow of the game (they are nice additions though) and the difficulty level is quite hard. But all in all, Burai Fighter is an excellent and unique shooter with a solid execution.

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