Pirates & Clones almost always originate from various places in Asia, usually Taiwan, Hong Kong and sometimes Korea. They fall in different categories. First, the game cartridge or the whole system is copied and they stay identical to the original (A copied system is usually called Clone, and copied software is called Pirate, the word bootleg is also used for both). Or they are copied from existing but slightly modified games. And finally, they are sometimes completely original games but never received an official license from the genuine game or system manufacturer. This last category is uncommon and usually applies to Hentai games ( meaning 'pervert' in Japanese and are usually sexually explicit and fall into the adult category ). Surprisingly, pirate games and system often offer more than their original counterparts. The best and most common examples are the famous multi-carts which contain a fair amount of games on the same cartridge.
Kabuki Side Arms
Odd Pirate
'King Of Casino'

Soldier Blade
Unknown Pirate
Genpei Toumaden
King / PC-CARD
Altered Beast
King / PC-CARD
1943 Kai
Unknown Pirate
Ninja Spirit
Unknown pirate
Kyuukyuku Tiger
Micro Chiper
2-in-1 Side Arms
Chinese Pirate
Super 5-in-1
Chinese Pirate
Super 2-in-1

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