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Sunday September 18th : 2011
Today marks an important point in the history of nerdy things - Video Game Den has reached the six hundred reviews milestone. Seriously, this grueling endeavor has been like the quest for the princess in the next castle - although each new game reviewed here has somewhat touched and enlighted parts of my being, there is always a new game on the horizon to be enthusiastic about. This is what has been fueling this site for years, really, and there's plenty more to come. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your continued and amazing support. And whatever the next milestone is, let's work heedlessly towards it !

Monday March 14th : 2011
The massive earthquake that hit the land of video game giants has shocked the world. In the aftermath of the disaster, many companies such as Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Konami, Bandai released statements letting the world know that they are ok, and many game developers have tweeted about their safety. Several games have also been postponed or canceled, and various servers have been temporarily shut down. However, these uncertainties about release dates and such, in contrast to the tragedy, seem like insignificant matters - thousands are still missing and, although all my Japanese friends are ok, my heartfelt condolences go out to all families in Japan affected by this unimaginable natural disaster. Many Japanese game publishers have announced their plans to donate and support relief efforts, and I encourage you to visit the Japanese Red Cross Society if you would like to help Japan recover.

Wednesday May 7th : 2010
America created video games but Japan undoubtedly created video game culture. The Famicom system (the Japanese version of the NES) was definitively a cultural smashing phenomenon in its own right. The red and white console reached mass audience and introduced video game classics such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Metroid, Mother and countless more. VGDen is delighted to open up a brand new section of the site for Nintendo's timeless system and rest assured that more game reviews will follow very soon. Also, please feel free to join the new Video Game Den Facebook fan group to stay connected with the site's weekly updates but also leave comments and thoughts.
Gun Nac (Fc) spoiled
26 games added to the database as well as a new Famicom section... Airwolf (Fc) Castle Quest (Fc) Chūka Taisen (Fc) Dig Dug (Fc) Dig Dug II(Fc) Dragon Buster (Fc) Dragon Buster II(Fc) Dragon Scroll (Fc) Dragon Spirit (Fc) Gradius (Fc) Gun Nac (Fc) Hector'87 (Fc) Image Fight (Fc) Macross (Fc) Max Warrior (Fc) Masuzoe Yōichi (Fc) Power Blazer (Fc) Rod Land (Fc) Salamander (Fc) Star Force (Fc) Star Soldier (Fc) Star Wars (Fc) Starship Hector (Fc) Super Star Force (Fc) Super Xevious (Fc) Tetrastar (Fc) Thunderbirds (Fc) Xevious (Fc)

Tuesday December 29th : 2009
It would seem that SunSoft is now supporting the Virtual Console! The first title to be released was their excellent Chō Wakusei Senki Metafight (aka Blaster Master). But the good news don't stop there and the classic platform/shooter seems to be the first of many. I guess the momentum was going and SunSoft also bought the entire Nihon Telenet software library. That means series such as Cosmic Fantasy or Valis may finally hit the Virtual Console. Let's hope it's just the beginning and that games such as Waku Waku 7 or Astra Super Stars will follow !
Hudson Soft CD-Rom² Music Collection
10 games added to the database ... Dracula II Noroi No Fuin (Fds) Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Fds) Replicart (Fds) Warner No Mori (Fds) Battle Cross(Sfc) Bonkers (Sfc) Jerry Boy (Sfc) Mickey Mania (Sfc) Super Back To The Future II (Sfc) Wrecking Crew '98 (Sfc)

Sunday September 13th : 2009
So, what happened to the five-year or so cycle ? New generation of consoles have been hitting the market every five years in the past, give or take a year. Until today. Maybe the technological leap we've seen this time around means that game publishers have not yet taken advantage of the consoles capabilities (and development costs have been soaring sky high). Maybe the Wii showed that technological power doesn't necessary make the most succesful console on the market. Maybe a page is turning and the market is going towards upgrades like fancy motion sensitive controllers for some and HD support for others. So we are nowhere near to see a next generation. Not yet.
Bandai's Kasetto Sentai ! - Duobot, Sonic & Xevious added to the art gallery
10 games added to the database ... Dekoboko Densetsu (Pce-CD²) Exile II (Pce-SCD²) Motoroader MC (Pce-SCD²) Ashita No Jō (Sfc) G.O.D (Sfc) Goofy To Max (sfc) Melfand Stories (Sfc) Pipe Dream (Sfc) Spark World (sfc) Yume Meikyū Kigurumi Daibōken (Sfc) Zelda No Densetsu (Sfc)

Tuesday May 5th : 2009
Video Game Den just passed the 500 reviews mark and I still have a hard time believing it myself. Some of the oldest reviews created back in 2003 for the now defunct PC Engine Lounge may need some revamp though. Hey, hold on a minute... Does this mean that I've been writing an average of two reviews a week for the past five years ? I should really get a life and do what most people of my age do. I could play golf, drive a SUV and watch more Dr. Phil and CNN. Bha! I think that won't fit me, I'd rather stick with video games and journey towards the thousandth review mark instead.
Pop'n Twinbee (Sfc) spoiled ! - Huitzil Vs Qbee & Brotherhood added to the art gallery
19 games added to the database ... Momotarō Densetsu Turbo (Pce-Hu) Momotarō Katsugeki (Pce-Hu) Chiki Chiki Boys (Pce-SCD²) Ranma 1/2 (Pce-CD²) Ranma 1/2 Toraware no Hanayome (Pce-CD²) Ranma 1/2 Datō Ganso Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū (Pce-SCD²) Ultrabox (Pce-CD²) Ultrabox2 (Pce-CD²) Ultrabox3 (Pce-CD²) Valis IV (Pce-CD²) Akumajō Dracula XX (sfc) Holy Striker (Sfc) Kirby Bowl (Sfc) Shōnen Ashibe (Sfc) Super Dogfight F14 (Sfc) Super HQ Criminal Chase (Sfc) Super Mario Kart (Sfc) Wolfenstein 3D (Sfc) Zelda No Densetsu (Sfc)

Monday 19th January : 2009
Sharks are all around us, sharks are everywhere. The web ocean is vast and sharks lurk in the shadows. VGDen was bitten by one of them. Some Web Hosting companies only exist for the sole purpose of swindling gullible customers out of their effort and money. To chew them up and spit them out. VGDen hopes they will eventually choke on their own greed and wonders how they even sleep at night. This is why VGDen had to disappear for a while and why its cherished identity was taken away. Things may eventually go back to the way they were, but one thing is certain, VGDen now believes that web sharks are nothing more than sardines in disguise and can't wait to see them canned.
BrainFreeze #1 - Digital Nostalgia - Rest In Peace added to the art gallery
24 games added to the database ... Akumajô Dracula (Fds) Arumana No Kiseki (Fds) Dandy: Zeuon No Fukkatsu (Fds) Golf Japan Course (Fds) Green Beret (Fds) Bahamut Lagoon (Sfc) Bow Wow : Pop'n Smash (Sfc) Battle Mobile (Sfc) Dimension Force (Sfc) Final Fight 2 (Sfc) Harapeko Bakka (Sfc) Harley's Humongous Adventure (Sfc) Keeper (Sfc) Lost Vikings (Sfc) Power Sôkoban (Sfc) Phalanx (Sfc) Sonic Wings (Sfc) Super Mario World (Sfc) Super SWIV (sfc) Super Tekkyu Fight ! (Sfc) Syndicate (Sfc) The Combatribes (Sfc) The Ninja Warriors Again (Sfc) Yoshi No Cookie (Sfc)

Sunday 6th June : 2008
Video Game Den has just crossed the magic 100,000th visitor milestone ! I treasure the fact that people appreciate VGDen enough to keep coming back. I look forward to continue to grow the site and add more features and original content. VGDen started as a small collection of geeky notes in a tiny notebook. But it was obvious that the project needed more space and structure - consequently the PC Engine Lounge was born. Unfortunately, the site's host - despite being free - came with a price. After a year, it was struggling to cope with growing volume of traffic and data. It was time to move on, bite the bullet and invest in more serious gears. Video Game Den is the result of a long held desire to share a passion, and I thank you for your awesome support.
Video Games In Cardboard - Puyo Fun, After The Storm & Super Famibot added to the art gallery
14 games added to the database ... Ane San (SCDRom²) Bikkuriman Daijikai (CDRom²) Exile (CDRom²) Fiend Hunter (SCDRom²) It Came From The Desert (TurboCD) Moonlight Lady (SCDRom²) Bombuzal (Sfc) Clock Works (Sfc) Gôketsuji Ichizoku (Sfc) Mother 2 (Sfc) Sengoku Denshô (Sfc) Otoboke Ninja Colosseum (Sfc) The Rocketeer (Sfc) Ultraman (Sfc)

Sunday 16th December : 2007
What an amazing year. As we are heading into one of the most exciting era of video gaming, two systems quietly turned a historic page : the Atari 2600 turned 30 and the PC Engine turned 20. In only three decades, video games have changed tremendously - from small screen resolutions and low color count to complex real-time 3D, high definition graphics and sound. Indeed, they have digested our lives for as long as we can remember but one thing is certain - we're not getting any younger and despite the appearances, the video gaming industry is still relatively in its infancy. That is, if you think about it, it took about thirty years to efficiently introduce sound to mainstream Hollywood films and black-and-white movies remained until the mid-1960s. There's a lot more to come. Today, efforts and resources are put in the graphics and visual effects, but specific areas such as natural physics and simulations are now becoming the next 'big thing'. Then, why not push it all the way, simulate and bend all the natural rules we take for granted - space, time and life. Video Gaming is about to become something much greater than the sum of its parts.
Rayxanber 3 (Pce-SCDRom²) spoiled ! - Valkyrie No Densetsu added to the art gallery
23 games added to the database ... Doraemon Nobita No Dorabian Nights (Pce-HuCard) Ryû Kyû(Pce-HuCard) Blood Gear (Pce-SCDRom²) Doraemon Nobita No Dorabian Nights (Pce-SCDRom²) Shape Shifter (Pce-SCDRom²) Slime World (Pce-SCDRom²) Super Darius (Pce-CDRom²) Ace Wo Nerae ! (Sfc) Actraiser (Sfc) Batman Returns (Sfc) Darius Twin (Sfc) Final Fight Guy (Sfc) Ganbare! Daiku No Gensan (Sfc) Great Battle 2 (Sfc) Great Battle 3 (Sfc) Great Battle Gaiden 2 (Sfc) Joe & Mac (Sfc) Mickey No Magical Adventure (Sfc) Rushing Beat Ran (Sfc) Space Funky Bob (Sfc) Ushio To Tora (Sfc) VS Collection (Sfc) Wing Commander (Sfc)

Tuesday 4th September : 2007
At the end of June, Nintendo gave us a bit more insight into WiiWare. Downloadable games will be available through the Wii Shop Channel in exchange for Wii Points. Interestingly, Nintendo isn't only looking for well established game publishers, but small independent teams of developers with fresh ideas as well. The idea is not new but the concept has gained momentum and digital distribution is definitively the way gaming is going. Players are divided on this question - Some do not want to lose the physical end product, others say it is an amazing idea. Will game shops and the second hand market survive ? Will developers release unfinished games with endless patches ? Physically going out to purchase the latest 'must have' was the last thing getting some of us off the couch... All of this will greatly shape the way we play games in the future but it is difficult to predict how...
Rayxanber 2 (Pce-CDRom²) spoiled ! - Opening of the art gallery !
18 games added to the database ... Super Mario Bros (Fds) Monster Pro Wrestling (Pce-Hu) Ninja Ryûkenden (Pce-Hu) Populous (Pce-Hu) Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima (Pce-Hu) Auto Crusher Palladium (Pce-SCDRom²) Dungeon Master Theron's Quest (Pce-SCDRom²) Gulliver Boy (Pce-SCDRom²) Quiz Avenue (Pce-CDRom²) Aqutallion (Sfc) Chô Makai Taisen : Dorabocchan (Sfc) Gulliver Boy (Sfc) Lemmings (Sfc) Solstice II (Sfc) Supapoon (Sfc) Takahashimeijin No DaibôkenJima (Sfc) Yoshi Island (Sfc) Zig Zag Cat (Sfc)

Tuesday 29th May : 2007
The Virtual Console, probably the biggest backward compatible feature ever made, is on a strong path. Nintendo American announced they sold 1.5 million virtual games only two months after the Wii launched. At an average of $7 a game (often more than what you would pay for the real thing), Wii points are pure gold. Most of the available titles so far are hits from the past but the library certainly grows every week. The Virtual Console is an interesting Link to the Past, showing that 'old-gaming' still is, and has always been, gaming. And curiously, despite questionable price tags, the Virtual Console is increasingly popular, even among players who already own the vintage hardware Wii emulates so well. Once again, the future of gaming embraces its past. For that matter, it is exciting to see more and more gamers out there asking questions about those systems from the past... and amusing to see popular gaming sites (the ones used to the 'polygonized' worlds of the current generation) to review titles they try so hard to relate to.
PC Engine HuCard Complete Catalogue ! - Nintendo Museum In Osaka !
41 games added to the database ... Dirty Pair Project Eden (Fds) Famicom Grand Prix : F1 Race (Fds) Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (Fds) Hikari Genji Roller Panic (Fds) Kid Icarus (Fds) Knight Lore (Fds) Monty On The Run (Fds) Omoikkiri Tanteidan Hadogumi (Fds) Suishô No Dragon (Fds) Bikkuriman World (Pce-Hu) Cyber Knight (Pce-Hu) Daimakaimura (Pce-Hu) Fighting Ru (Pce-Hu) Lode Runner (Pce-Hu) Mahjong Wars (Pce-Hu) Makyô Densetsu Legendary Axe (Pce-Hu) Necros No Yôsai (Pce-Hu) Baby Jo (Pce-SCDRom²) Jim Power (Pce-SCDRom²) Seiryû Densetsu Monbit (Pce-CDRom²) 3D Ballz (Sfc) Area 88 (Sfc) Blue Crystal Rod (Sfc) CosmoGang The Puzzle (Sfc) Cyber Knight 2 (Sfc) F Zero (Sfc) Genocide 2 (Sfc) Hello ! Pac Man (Sfc) Jyutei Senki (Sfc) Kid Klown No Crazy Chase (Sfc) Lode Runner Twin (Sfc) Mario To Wario (Sfc) Musya (Sfc) Natsuki Crisis Battle (Sfc) Pac In Time (Sfc) Panel De Pon (Sfc) RPM RAcing (Sfc) Street Fighter II (Sfc) Street Fighter II Turbo (Sfc) Super Aleste (Sfc) Suzuka 8 Hours (Sfc)

Monday 1st january : 2007
First of all, VGDen would like to wish you all a groovy New Year, full of gaming energy and happiness. This end of the year is hectic. Console war is raging. Raging again. It is amusing to notice how the term is widely used today. It even has its own Wikipedia page. Once again, millions of players all over the world debate, and often fight, over their royalty to a console manufacturer. Players have wished for more, as they always do, and three powerful genies have worked their magic. But is the Console War really good for the gaming industry ? I sometimes wonder. Competition is at the heart of any industry. Software, rather than hardware, often decides of a manufacturer's fate. Anyway, the future of gaming has never been so bright and, let's hope, will always be lit by more than one sun.
Six New pirate HuCards ! - Opening of the Goodies section
21 games added to the database ... Gall Force (Fds) Gaia No Monshô (Pce-Hu) Hany On The Road (Pce-Hu) Operation Wolf(Pce-Hu) Shinobi (Pce-Hu) Future Boy Conan (Pce-SCDRom²) Monster Maker (Pce-SCDRom²) Sol Moonarge (Pce-SCDRom²) Tanjô Debut(Pce-SCDRom²) Travel Epuru (Pce-SCDRom²) Dungeon Master (Sfc) F15 Super Strike Eagle (Sfc) Flying Hero (Sfc) Kishin Bôji Zenki - Rettô Raiden (Sfc) Magical Drop (Sfc) Neugier (Sfc) Psycho Dream (Sfc) Puzzle Bobble (Sfc) Super Valis (Sfc) Super Wrestler Angels (Sfc) Yujin No Furi Furi Girl (Sfc)

Sunday 27th August : 2006
VGDen would like to thank you all for your great support. VGDen will hit 20,000 visits by the end of the month, less than a year after its humble beginnings (which was more of a reboot if you think about it). This may not look like much, but it is about five times what the old PC Engine Lounges managed to achieve in two years. VGDen is also really excited by Nintendo's virtual console. Excited by Wii owners playing 'old school games' on their consoles. This may bring emulation to the masses and may also change the way how some people look at Retro Gaming. Less than a decade ago, Internet changed our hobby forever and maybe another page is now turning. I doubt the Virtual Console's library will include obscure or rare japanese titles though. But it is definitively a first step and VGDen hopes that new generations of players will experience those games for the first time in the comfy space of their living room, enlighted by those images from the past. A past not that long gone...
37 games added to the database ... Adian No Tsue (Fds) Cocoma World (Fds) Dead Zone (Fds) Falsion (Fds) Fire Bam (Fds) Halley Wars (Fds) Kiki Kaikai (Fds) Relics - Ankoku Yousai (Fds) Section Z (Fds) Transformer Headmasters (Fds) Yuu Maze (Fds) Zelda No Densetsu (Fds) Bomberman'93 (Pce-Hu) Bomberman'94 (Pce-Hu) Gomola Speed (Pce-Hu) Obocchama Kun (Pce-Hu) R*Type Part1 (Pce-Hu) R*Type Part2 (Pce-Hu) Shubibinman 2 (Pce-Hu) Builder Land (Pce-SCDRom²) La Valeur (Pce-CDRom²) Noriko (Pce-CDRom²) Shubibinman 3 (Pce-CDRom²) Wonderboy 5 (Pce-SCDRom²) Battle Zeque Den (Sfc) Bishin Densetsu Zoku (Sfc) Final Fight (Sfc) Gradius 3 (Sfc) Madô Monogatari (Sfc) Pinocchio (Sfc) Raiden Densetsu (Sfc) Samurai Spirits (Sfc) Sandora No Daibouken (Sfc) Sôkô Kihei Votoms (Sfc) Super Gussun Oyoyo (Sfc) Super R*Type (Sfc) Ufo Kamen Yakisoban (Sfc)

Monday 24th April : 2006
Canadian researchers are finding evidence that video games can help protect our brains from aging. They greatly improve our reflexes, co-ordination and multi-tasking. So what all of this means ? Well, except the fact that we will enjoy our gaming hobby even longer than our ancestors could, beat-up our grand-grand-sons at Super Extra Street fighter alpha revenge VI and still wonder around in Final Fantasy MMCII hunting those random monsters for a handfull of experience points. Does this mean our brains actually grow differently ? I mean, we started playing video games from the age of 8, and our kids probably from the age of 3. Are we becoming sort of ultimate-multi-task beings ? Today, I can easily cook some pasta, watch the dying moments of a web auction, give a friend a call and listen to my favourite music CD. And do all of this while rolling-up a whole city in Katamary Damacy. What all of this really means ? Well, our lifes are flooded with entertainment choices, too many choices. We never had it so good. And our brains are evolving to handle it all. Sweet.
44 games added to the database and a brand new Famicom Disk System section ... Apple Town Monogatari (Fds) Breeder (Fds) Deep Dungeon (Fds) Doki Doki Panic (Fds) Esper Dream (Fds) Ice Hochey (Fds) Kinniku Man (Fds) Marchen Veil (Fds) Metroid (Fds) Moero Twinbee (Fds) Nakayama Miho No Tokimeki Hight School (Fds) Tarot (Fds) Todibase Daisakusen (Fds) Zanac (Fds) Arkanoid Doh It Again (Sfc) Cosmo Gang The Video (Sfc) Galaxy Wars (Sfc) Kidou Soukou Dion (Sfc) King Of Dragons (Sfc) Muscle Bomber (Sfc) Nosferatu (Sfc) Pop' Twin Bee (Sfc) Sparkster (Sfc) Syvalion (Sfc) The King Of Monsters (Sfc) Rtype 3 (Sfc) Sonic BlastMan (Sfc) Super Pang (Sfc) Vortex (Sfc) Digital Champ (Pce-Hu) Jaseiken Necromancer (Pce-Hu) Power Gate (Pce-Hu) Sadakichi 7 (Pce-Hu) Asuka 120% Maxima Burning Fest (Pce-SCDRom²) CD Denjin Rockabilly (Pce-SCDRom²) Fatal Fury 2 (Pce-ACDRom²) Fatal Fury Special (Pce-ACDRom²) Fausseté Amour (Pce-SCDRom²) Golden Axe (Pce-CDRom²) Hawk F-123 (Pce-SCDRom²) Horror Story (Pce-SCDRom²) Pomping World (Pce-CDRom²) Prince Of Persia (Pce-SCDRom²) Tokimeki Memorial (Pce-SCDRom²)

Monday 23th January : 2006
It was interesting to notice that last November, while everyone was too busy to buy those already forgotten Christmas presents, the World Wide Web quietly turned 15. Or more precisely our beloved http protocol. I can not think of anything that revolutionized human communication on such a big and global scale. The emulation scene also bloomed in the mid 1990s because of it. But I sometimes miss the old internet. It wasn't as flashy as now. Not as cool. It wasn't this comercialized beast. No pop'us. No Spyware. No Ad-ware. The internet has becomed this fashionable place were everybody meet. slash and dot have become everyday's vocabulary of television presenters. Every teenager has a blog and many teenage girls are mid-aged dudes enjoying their sweat-inducing hobby. And this is just the beginning. But the internet is also the reason why you are here, it must not be that bad after all... Farewell !
26 games added to the database ... Doraemon: Meikyuu Daisakusen (Pce-Hu), The Kung Fu (Pce-Hu), Madoh Oh Granzort (Pce-Hu), Mesopotamia (Pce-Hu), Motoroader (Pce-Hu), Raiden (Pce-Hu), Shanghai (Pce-Hu), Addams Family (Pce-TCDRom), Avenger (Pce-CDRom²), Fushigi no Umi no Nadia (Pce-SCDRom²), Red Alert (Pce-CDRom²), Air Management (Sfc), Akumajo Dracula (Sfc), Caravan Shooting Collection (Sfc) Demon's Blazon (Sfc), Gaia Gensouki (Sfc), Hyper Zone (Sfc), Ikari No Yousai (Sfc), Kiki Kaikai Nazo No Kuro Manto (Sfc), Magic Sword (Sfc), Mazinger Z (Sfc), Space Invaders : The Original Game (Sfc), Super Nazo Puyo (Sfc), Thunder Spirits (Sfc), Xardion (Sfc), Wild Trax (Sfc).

Sunday 4th December : 2005
A friend of mine sent me an interesting email the other day while I was finishing up VGDen. Most of the students that entered university this year were born twenty years ago, around 1986. And those same students have probably never played any of the games reviewed here, and even if they did, they would have probably done it as an emulated curiosity. And even if they decided today to experience the real thing, they would end up competing against the old generation, the ones who now have jobs and incomes, the ones who can affort the pricy crazyness of the retro wave and feed their greedy nostalgia. Did you realize that, few months ago, the old Galaga and other "games on a stick" were part of the Father's day gift idea lists ? The morality about all of this ? who cares ... We are getting old, and older each day. Old geeks. But what about showing new and coming generations that their games have history ? That shooters once existed and that games have not always been produced on shiny compact discs. That new and future game ideas share old roots. Farewell !
16 games added to the database ... Bomberman (Pce-Hu), Aldynes (Sgx-Hu), 1941 Counter Attack (Sgx-Hu), StreetFighter2 (Pce-Hu), Afterburner2 (Pce-Hu), BariBariDensetsu (Pce-Hu), DragonBallZ (Pce-SCDRom²), GateOfThunder (Pce-SCDRom²), MadStalker (Pce-ACDRom²), Terraforming (Pce-SCDRom²), Advanced VG (Pce-SCDRom²), Chohmakaimura (Sfc), Strike Gunner (Sfc), Dezaemon (Sfc), Shien The Blade Shaser (Sfc), Umihara Kawase (Sfc)

Monday 24th October : 2005
Welcome to Video Game Den, VGDen is finally here, rising from the still smoking ashes of the PC Engine Lounge. Do not worry, the lounge did not suffer. Let's view it as a rebirth, a brain transplant. VGDen will cover many more game systems, starting with Nintendo's Super Famicom. Tons of existing reviews have been updated and completed and several exciting changes made their appearance, including bigger scans, new articles and reviews of unusual items. Without forgetting Mr. Spoiler who likes to go all the way to the end of things. Finally, VGDen now uses a better host, so bye-bye bandwidth nightmares. Farewell !
Brand new site and brand new Super Famicom section with 13 reviews : 46 Okunen Monogatari * Assault Suits Valken * Cacoma Knight * Cho Aniki Bakuretsu Rantouden * Cho Mahou Tairyku Wozz * Darius Force * Hagane * Hook * Jaki Crush * Marchen Adventure Cotton 100% * Macross : Scrambled Valkyrie * Star Fox * Super Metroid | PCE-CDRom² reviews: DraculaX Chi No Rondo * Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire * Steam Heart's * Strider Hikyu