Video Game Den's
Guide lines

Welcome to the Video Game Den review guide. If you have decide to help Video Game Den, please make sure you first read this document.

General Information
Reviews must be done with the real thing. No emulation.
However, screenshots can, and should, be shot using an emulator.

Main Body - review
The main body of the review is supposed to be informative only. No personal opinions about any aspect of the game should be expressed here. Usually, (brief) origins and story of the game are mentioned first. Then different elements are introduced such as character descriptions, level structure, power-ups, controls, special features etc... Write conversationally but seriously. Write in complete sentences, and use logically connected paragraphs. All information must be verified, do not mention anything about the game you haven't personally verified (230 words max).

Main Body - information box
The box next to the main body should contain the following information:

. Copyright information mentioned either on the media or title screen.
. Original release date and price if known.
. Serial number / type of media / size (in Mbits or Megs) if known.
. Type of game.
. Alternate versions (usually US or European) and a small picture of the alternate game cover.

Once again, all the above information must be verified. Do not blindly copy information from other sites nor books, make sure everything mentioned here has been verified by you.

Screenshots must be informative and show the best/most important features of the game. Try also to go a bit deeper in the game and not only show pictures from the first couple of stages. Try also to take pictures in action, avoid static and uninteresting shots. Screenshots must have a 1:1 pixel ration with the original game, never stretch or squeeze them. Ideally, screenshots should be taken with an emulator.

Information, Game Data
The second part of the review, printed after the screenshots, gives more information about the game's origins and scope : if other versions are available for other game systems, if it is part of a series, if it is based on a book, movie or animated series. All information must be verified. Do not blindly copy information from other sources (web sites, books etc...), make sure the games you mention do actually exist (you either own the game or verify it from a reliable source).

This section has sort of evolved. It was initially supposed to give codes but many great websites already offer this information. Rather than giving codes away, this section should give players tips about the game. If you are reviewing a RPG, try to give (if possible) a short walkthrough of the beginning of the game, or if the game is all in Japanese, give some quick menu translation to help out the player...

Point Of View
Povs - Express there your personal opinion about the game (180 words max). But try not to throw comments about any matter without support. Readers need to know what you like/do not like about the game but, most importantly, why. This part also asks for your rating which should be an integer from 1 to 5 along the following scale:

[?] A special rating. For instance the game is all in Japanese and you are not sure how bad/good it really is.
[0] Execrable, unplayable.
[1] A thoroughly bad game and it is one you have been vastly disappointed in almost every aspect.
[2] Mediocre, the game may have some qualities, but they're sadly overshadowed by all the flaws.
[3] Neither terrible bad nor terribly good. An average but enjoyable game.
[4] Very good, but the game has some shortcoming preventing it to reach a perfect score.
[5] Excellent, a classic !