Video Game Den

Welcome to the Video Game Den (VGDEN for short) list of Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ for short). It is meant to answer questions VGDEN usually receive.

There are tons of video game sites out there, so why VGDEN ?
VGDEN would like to give tribute to all those old video games, rated or underrated, and their genius creators. Like many other sites, VGDEN would like to create an historical archive and make all this information available to the public. VGDEN also wants to inspire players and show them unknown gems. VGDEN is what we would like to see in a video game database but never managed to find elsewhere. VGDEN's database is also cross-referenced. This is VGDEN's goal.

VGDEN is ace ! Can I contribute ?
I'm glad you like it. I am also glad you asked. You can definitively contribute and send me your Point of Vue for a game. If you want to test games, you are also welcome. But keep in mind that more than testing games, VGDEN also wants to give readers global information and put games back into their original context. I have received countless reviews that are just plain personal opinions and these can only become Povs. Finally, only contact me if you want to write reviews of unknown or not so well known titles. I am sorry to say this, but people seem to always want to write the same popular reviews, and this is why VGDEN exists, to fill up this gap. Oh yes, do not forget, If you want to write a review or article, send me an email first. ( and read the review guide lines ).

Do VGDEN ever do mistakes ?
Come on ! of course we all do ! If you see anything wrong, any odd information, please let VGDEN know. English is not my native language, so feel free to point me anything suspicious.

When did VGDEN start ?
VGDEN is a long story. It kind of started with my personal home page back in 1998. Then, in 2003, I created the PC Engine Lounge with both PC Engine Hucard and CDRom tests. VGDEN keeps growing, and growing...

Do you own all the games reviewed at VGDEN ?
So far... yes. Maybe for a couple of exceptions like few American or European versions of specific games. But I definitively own the original versions tested in the site. They are the reason VGDEN exists. And they are the reason why I always seem to need more space.

Can I use any of VDGEN content ? like pictures or text ?
VGDEN is a public database. So VGDEN does not mind if you copy its content. But if you do please mention where it is coming from and keep the content the same. This site is a huge amount of work, so please give it some credits if you use its content. Finally, if you want to use a picture, do not link to it !

I own a site, will you add it to your link section ?
I certainly will, but it will depend of two important things. First of all, its content must be related to what VGDEN is about. And VGDEN is about video games. Secondly it has to be a link trade, this means that VGDEN will add your link only if you do the same. Simple isn't it ?

I think your site can be greatly improved, and I have ideas about this.
VGDEN is always interested by your feedback as the goal is to make it as user friendly and a complete database as possible. So yes, drop me an email if you have ideas.

I need to contact you
Then send me an email :)